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Posted on: January 21, 2011

she just woke up after her first 1.5hr sleep cycle, sat up, looked at me (I was on the netbook checking emails) crawled over to rest her head on my shoulders for a bit, then rolled away, closed her eyes, and was asleep again in a minute or so! Monumental moment. The night weaning process is still under way.

verbatim of the day:
May không thích ăn cam (I don’t like to eat oranges)
Bác Danny – bác Châu đút chuối [cho] Kakie ăn (uncle D – auntie C spoonfed bananas to Katie)
con khỉ – đâu phải con khỉ, gấu mà (a monkey – this is not a monkey, it’s a bear)
mẹ đứng lên, May không thích mẹ ngồi trên ghế (mommy get up, I don’t like mommy sitting on the chair) – I was holding her as usual and she wanted me to walk around.
May ngồi trong lòng mẹ, mẹ đọc sách thỏ. (I sit in mommy lap, mommy read Bunny book)
Mẹ mặc áo thỏ cho em bé quê (mommy puts bunny shirt on for Country Boy)- she likes this VNese song called Country Boy and suddenly decided tonight that, May = Country Boy (playfully). Other nights she was Number 1 and Mommy’s Kitten.

I’m glad that May pays attention to colors and designs. Whenever I open her huge trunk of outfits and ask her to choose an outfit, she would inevitably point at a pair of bright avocado green pants. I got tired of that choice, so after 2 days of green pants, I asked her to give the pants a rest. She then pointed at an outfit of soft peachy orange fleece with a few flower details. Then the other day she picked a white sweater dress. Sometimes she picked based on the designs on the clothes. But it’s not categorical right now, as in, pink every day, or bunny every day, or a dress everyday etc. etc.. No favorites. She even rotated her shoes, sometimes choosing yellow rain boots, other times green snow boots, as oppose to her usual brown ankle boots. It’s pretty funny what strikes her fancy. Sometimes she just points randomly at something and say “May wears this!” She wore a picnic napkin for awhile, calling it her dress.

Some sweet little girls gave May a princess jewel wand a few days back, and so far she has been completely ignoring it, favoring a green glittering foam star wand that I bought at Michaels for her for 20 cents. She uses that to scratch the cat’s head.

When eating, she picks out the green and purple things (green pasta, purple cereal, purple cheese cracker, green chocolates, green jelly). She’s vocal about her likes and dislikes in food, but just communicatively vocal, meaning she makes a statement to explain to me why she doesn’t want to open her mouth for lentil soup; if I tell her it’s ok if she doesn’t like it, but it’s what we have for dinner, so let’s just eat a bit and I’ll make something else tomorrow, then she’s fine… Because what I say next is, here, have a gummy bear, ha ha. Son was asking the other night, why is May eating chocolate jellies with her dinner?? I said because she’s eating them with kiwi, and I need her to eat kiwi for a few times so she gets used to the taste. Once May is used to eating something, chances are she’ll be willing to eat them even if she’s not crazy about them.

This month I have been in heaven. 20 months going on 21 months is such a beautiful beautiful age in this household. May has been soooooooooo good to me, sometimes I can’t believe my luck. I don’t yell, I don’t cuss, I don’t complain, I don’t raise my voice – not because I have superb parenting principles, but because I don’t need to at all! We went shopping, for example, and after 10 minutes playing around with the little cars, I asked May to go with me into the store so I can return some stuffs, and then I’ll let her play some more when we are done. She followed me. When inside, I asked that she stayed with me while I searched for stuffs on the racks – she did. When paying, I asked that she stayed within my sight, and again, she did. When she ran towards the door at one point, I called her name and asked her to stop and come back – she did that as well. Sooo nice.

I can’t gush enough about her this month. She doesn’t yell at me, she offers kisses, she doesn’t throw tantrum, she lets me know what’s bothering her, what she likes, what she dislikes, what she wants to do, what she wants me to do, whether she’s tired, hungry, sleepy, full, thirsty… It’s gotten so great that, evidently, I have been spending so much time with her and trying to take her out even more to entertain her. As the result, not much get done around the house during her waking hours. And I go to bed around 3-4 every morning, trying to catch up with other stuffs. Heh.


2 Responses to "woa"

bé May giỏi quá chừng ha. Chưa tròn 2 tuổi mà biết đủ thứ hết trơn hà! Cưng thì thôi lun á! hugs & kisses nè!

woahhh…em May của tui thiên tài thiên tài. Tui hun em May, ôm em May.

I miss you too, bòn!!!

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