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Posted on: January 24, 2011

the temperatures have been dipping into below freezing here with wind chills to make things even more frigid. I think this weekend was something like 20-25 degrees daytime (with the sun) and 10-15 degrees night time. But the snow is melting. How could that be?? Beats me. Maybe it was 36 but felt like 25??

The car left for an early date with the mechanic at 8am on Saturday, and Son came home at 10:30am. Uhhhh… Came downstairs to see a shivering Son with the greeting of “We don’t have the car, babe” Damn. Car stays with the mechanic until Monday when the shop opens up and they dig out all the innarts to find out why it’s 1) leaking Coolant like mad 2) Overheat and 3)engine just stops. I know. The last one is bad. It was doing OK until the overheating problem cropped up Tuesday and Thursday. Both times I stopped and gave it some rest, then refilled the coolant. By Thursday, the engine wouldn’t start for the first time, eeks. After some more tries and 10 minutes later, it started, but the overheating continued. I had to pull over after less than 1 mile, waited for the engine to cool down a bit, then refilled coolant (it wasn’t even that low) and then drove home (temp. ok the next 2 miles).

I was reading up on this crap, and here’s what I found:

2. Lack of circulation. This is caused by a closed thermostat, a plugged radiator or a bad waterpump belt or a bad waterpump.

If the engine seems to overheat more around town and seems to be fine on the highway, that is a clear indication that the air flow across the radiator has been effected. This typically means a bad fan clutch or a bad electric fan or relay or the sensor that is supposed to trigger the fan relay that turns the fan on.

Yes, the car only overheated while driven at stop and go and at low speed. Doing 60-75 on the free way did not overheat it when I drove last week. I think the same thing happened to Son on Saturday where he got the 15 miles on Freeway OK, and then the overheating started and the car just stopped at some point.

Sighssssssssssssssss. When it rains, it pours. Not only we are losing $500 from the FSA due to my failure to buy 4 blood pressure monitors before December 31st (does anyone have FSA items receipts they can spare ??), the car will probably be a pretty 2K or at least 1K. If we are lucky. Aw fuck.

The good thing I’m still counting on is, May didn’t have to suffer much through this. The car didn’t die while she was in it, she didn’t have to sit out in the cold, etc. etc.. The FSA receipts problem is still haunting me 😦 We can really use that $500.

I’m selling my new Ergo (pink) and my new Beco Butterfly II (teal design) to make up for some losses. I got them thinking May might use them, except once she learned how to walk, she wasn’t into being strapped to my back anymore. I’m going to craigslist them for $80 a piece. If anyone wants them before I list them, please let me know.


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Only -2F this morning in Boston. Got to work, no water, bathroom doesn’t work probably due to frozen pipes.

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