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may 21 months today

Posted on: January 26, 2011

3 months until her 2nd birthday. She’s doing extremely well, all things considered. Our car’s damage is costing us more than its worth, but we are going forward. It started out with a cracked head gasket and ended up with an overheated hence useless motor. 3K mistake, sighs. Should have brought it in as soon as we got back to York, but we live an learn.

May doesn’t seem to mind being at home these days. She finds things to do and makes us do them with her. 1/2 of the time she entertains herself. Playing with her is fun because she tells us exactly what she wants us to do or what she wants to do. Books have suddenly become a fun thing for her, and since we have tons of them around the house, she’s finally making good use of them. I try to check out tons more each week for her for variety’s sake. She’s not the consistent type, so she doesn’t have pets. She’d like a book for a week, and then she’d trade it in for another soon after. Another thing that has helped is, noticing her clear preference for doll houses, kitchen sets, and shopping carts/strollers, I picked the easiest thing I could get from craigslist – a doll house. I signed up to buy a $10 doll house, but came home in the end with $80’s worth of Little People galore. I basically came into this family’s house and took everything LP they had on hand, and then some. Now there are about 15+ major sets of LP in my basement plus other minor sets such as airplane, bus, van, trains. They also gave me 3 big sets of Weeble Woble. Every other night, when May is as sleep, I set up a new combination of LP downstairs.

If you are not familiar with LP, just google a set. They are all connectable, so for example, the last 2 days we had the doll house out, a family van, and the police station. A few “friends” got a ticket. And then a few friends had to talk to the nice police woman about missing animals. Or a missing car. Or a baby mix up. I have a big ass castle pegged for tomorrow. I have not decided what’s gonna happen. Maybe we’ll just play Jack and the Gian Beanstalk, the mouse version. It’s May’s pet book this week, and she has been interested in the idea of a castle.

These damn sets, when I got them, were all mixed up, and it took me quite some time to sort them out. Things are still misplaced right now, but very minor things. These LP sets are actually pretty fun, so I don’t mind setting them up. If you buy them for your little ones, make sure you buy one with an on/off button if possible. Many don’t have that switch, and they just go off if you hit them by accident, quite noisy.

Son has been extremely helpful and nice and all around A+ partner this week, so I’m going ahead with my Craigslist sales. February is approaching, and the count down to moving time begins. Ugh. I hate moving….

Whenever the weather permits, I take May out to the market or to the library or both using the bus. On really cold days, May goes inside the stroller with a rain cover to keep the wind at bay. On manageable days like today (40 deg with wind chill) she walked with me and then we got on the bus at some point. We’ll be without a car until at least next Wednesday.


2 Responses to "may 21 months today"

Nhanh quá ha, quay qua quay lại là May 2 tuổi bây giờ đó!

Bé M. thua bé Chuột nhà DQ xa lắc, vậy mà biết nhiều thứ lắm. Chúc mừng nhen! ….Cho nựng cái coai …chụt …chụt ……hugs

Oh yeah, tu+` lu’c ddi Cali ve^` em vo^~ be’o cho SM, no’ chi.u a(n ti` ti` em cu+’ the^’ ma` tie^’n to+’i, ba^y gio+` ca’i ddu`i no’ nu’c ni’ch tha ho^` cho di` Quy~ nu+.ng heh heh

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