i know what you mean!

let it snow!

Posted on: January 27, 2011

With merely 3 inches this morning, it was still enough fun for us. The temperature was just hovering above freezing point, so the snow was wet enough for making things. May had a lot of fun when she wasn’t falling and couldn’t get up. The boots were the culprit, because they zip all the way up to her knees and are stiff, occasionally I would look around and find her flopping like a seal on the beach. Tonight it’s snowing like mad outside, and I’m totally thinking of sled riding for May tomorrow in our backyard.

Look at the poor mickey mouse! First An called it a bunny, then me. Cu’n called it a bear, lol lol lol. I’m obviously not a sculptor. At least May called it by its right name when I presented it to her.

verbatim of the day:
– May nàm không được, khó ká! (“I can’t do it, too hard”) – she told me while trying to put put a puzzle piece in its place.
– May không biết (I don’t know) – she has recently sported this reply, said just before promptly giving up doing whatever challenging task I present to her.
– May không muốn ! (I don’t want to)
– ghế bóp đít con (the chair squeezes my butt) – it’s a shiatsu massage chair at Macy’s. She loves it.
– Mẹ đọc sách khác ! (Mommy, read another book)
– chuột đem xe bán mua đồ ăn (“the mouse sells the cart to buy food) – this is part of the Jack and the Gian Beanstalk story staring poor mice, big cheese, and a giant cat.
– nê-kô bớt !! (Neko Bus) it’s her favorite now
– Bạn bắt chước Tô cô cộ! (She copies Totoro) – said while watching the clip where Mei meets Totoro.
– May ngồi ghế, Tô cô cộ bye bye (May sits on chair, Totoro bye bye) – said right after she threw Totoro off her recliner and climbed onto it.
– ông ôm bà (man hugs woman) – commentary on the ongoing K-drama series shown on tv at Son’s parents’ house.


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