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Posted on: January 28, 2011

it snowed some good 6-8 inches here last night, but this morning things were the same.
Mr. Bruce, our elderly neighbor to the left shovelled his sidewalk, Patrice’s side walk, our side walk, and our neighbor’s side walk. He also shoved the path to the curb so we could get into our car. Then he shovelled the steps up to our front door. If our car were parked outside, he would have dug it out too, like the other times.

I just shovelled the path in our backyard, around the gate to the back alley so we could take the garbage out, and played with May for more than an hour. When we were done playing in the back yard, I took May out through the front gate for a walk. Anna, our neighbor to the right (who shares a wall with us) was digging her car out. Without much digging of my own to do since our car is at the shop, I joined her in the task. When we were done, she said let’s just clear your space too, because you will need a space to park next week when the car comes back. I was going to do it anyway, because I don’t want the snow to turn into hard ice by next week to make my life harder, so I agreed. So we shovelled a wide area clear of snow.

From a Cali girl who hardly talked to her neighbors for years, I’m constantly in awe of how helpful and nice my neighbors are here in York. May has committed Mr. Bruce’s name to memory, and he’s now her person of interest.


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