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Posted on: January 30, 2011

lest anyone is still under the impression that ours is a TV-free household: I just finished parking May in front of our TV in the guest room, propped up on pillows and cozy under Mama Loy’s furry angel blanket – just the way May likes it. In went the same PBN Tet Karaoke DVD (I think this must be 2007 Tet, because I didn’t see any Korean hairdo yet) and May went into parking mode. Son was already in bed at 9 because he’s on call this whole weekend, so to keep her quiet and content while I showered, I let her watch some appropriately Tet themed VMTV hee hee.

Meal times the laptop runs most of the time with clips of Pocoyo, or Preschool Prep stuffs, or, uhm, cats pooping in toilets. I know, gross isn’t it. But she requested it and ate LOTS, so who’s to judge.

We did a simple switch to raw milk this past week. For a long time, May was on Organic Valley whole milk. But as is the case with most widely distributed organic milks, OV ultrapasteurizes their milk, which I’m not crazy about. So I switched May to Wegmans organic milk the one time I managed to get there before the car went kaputz. She was fine with that, too. Then we didn’t have a car, so I took May to the Central Market House on Tues, Thurs, and Sat to buy milk (they only carry 1/2 gallon size, and May goes through that every 3 days). They carry Apple Valley milk, which, while isn’t organic certified, do carry some good humane and environmentally consciencious practices. Since Apple Valley also supplies raw milk, I went ahead with it.

May started asking for milk. Especially before bed time. Personally I can’t tell much difference between the pateurized milk and the raw milk. May seems to be able to, though. I make a point to drink her milk first, wait around a bit, then let her drink. I also heat her milk up to near boiling point, since it’s cold right now. When the car is back, I’ll see if I should just get her back on Wegmans Organic milk or stick with raw milk. For one thing, raw milk is more than twice the price of Wegmans Organic milk. Ultimately, I think we can still afford to get May whatever she prefers. It’s just that, if we continue with raw, it would mean we have to get ourselves to the Central Market House every T,TH,S before 2p.m., since they only sell 1/2 gallon size.

Not related to cow milk tangent: when I got struck by the horrible cold after xmas which rendered me quite useless for 4 days, I was worried May might get it. As sick as I was, I rammed up the nursing sessions with May, hoping that she would get some antibodies from me to help her fight off my germs. She ended up with just a very mild case of post nasal drip for several days. That was all. No fever, no runny nose, no coughs, nada. I’ve noticed that whenever I got sick, May either didn’t catch my cold or would get just a runny nose, but nothing else. This is why, as much as I try to cut down nursing sessions with May in the middle of the night, I still let her nurse at least 3x/day and try to eat and drink stuffs to help boost my own supply.

Tet is here, and without a car, not much is done in ways of prepping for May’s 2nd Tet. I did try to buy some stuffs. Like we’ll have dried bamboo shoots stewed in clear broth of baby back ribs, the bamboos are from VN, Linh KS had nicely sent me a pound when her mom shipped them to her. Then there are ba’nh chu+ng (VN square rice dumplings) to be sent by my parents in law. Me. Kie^’n is sending some ba’nh te’t (cylinical rice dumplings), and Trang promises some more from MN once she gets there. Other than that, I give up.

May watches the Tet DVD and said, “I want to go to the temple.” Aww. Lemme look around. I think there’s a big one in Lancaster somewhere. And one in Harrisburg, I was told. It all depends on the weather and whether we get our car back by next Wednesday or not…


2 Responses to "no TV"

I used to go to Chua Phap Hoa when I lived in Lancaster. It’s very close to York and your place:

202 Cherry St.
Columbia, PA 17512

Phone: (717) 684-4301

thanks dude

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