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43 degrees and random thoughts

Posted on: February 9, 2011

And I exclaimed, wow it’s such a nice, warm day! It truly was.

That was at 1 o’clock. We had an invitation to a Superbowl pregame party at 2pm. I dropped some stuffs off for our neighbor at the hospital at 1, didn’t get home until 1:30ish, we got out of the house around 2:40pm, May in pigtails and super cute brown dress outfit. She hadn’t nap, so the idea was to get her to nap in the car while Son hangs out with his people first, then once she wakes up, we’ll join him. Except May didn’t nap in the car. Even after 30 minutes of her driving around, and she rubbed her eyes and tried so hard to sleep. OK fine. I drove home and brought her to bed. Ay, she’ll sleep now for sure.

… 45 minutes later, 4:15pm, she napped. 5:40pm she stirred and I roused her, promising fun and party and people and friends. May wanted nothing to do with them. “I want to be lying down in bed sleeping” she said. And then she cried until I gave her my wallet to “wake up.” After that we were good to go. We got to the door and lo, Son said on the other side, “babe, open up.” Party was OVER. They even dropped him off. No party for us!

May’s growing her bottom first year molar, that’s the culprit. I was impressed by the swellings. I mean, I have heard people describing them, but seeing them live is pretty impressive. Throbbing pulsing tooth trying to break out from right under the gums, looks kinda like another life form to me.

Even though we are in the middle of winter, all plants around here are full of buds, just itching to break out and turn the world green. The other day we were building snow mice, and I wanted to break some branches to make the arms, except I didn’t have the heart to when I saw all the buds. So the mice first got chopsticks for arms until I found some dead branches buried in the snow.

I used to be so sure that I want a 2 story house, because I grew up in one and loved climbing the stairs. I do now, still. But as far as sound proofing goes, a 1 story house is much better than 2. Our bedroom is directly above the kitchen. So every night when May sleeps and I sneak downstairs to attempt some house work, it mean I have to wash the dishes in silence. Mop the floor in silence, cook in silence, avoid opening doors of cabinets or fridge or even the microwave. She has gotten so much better now with her sleep, but still… Plus, sounds from below you is the most annoying type. Sounds from outside the door is much easier to bear, I think. And then, the kitchen does not have a hood. So our room always smell like food at midnight because all smokes travel up.

Before I had May, I used to think of the sleeping arrangement where May is in a crib or on a bed in her own room, sleeping peacefully at night while Son and I snuggle up and watch anime like the good old days. Yeah right. Now I find thinking of May sleeping anywhere out of sight is painful. Uhm, not necessarily just for sentimental reason. I’m pretty paranoid, though not many people know this. I fear that if May is out of my sight, I would wake up one day to find her bed empty and the windows open. It’s the reason that I’m thankful for being a light sleeper


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Easley has been on and off with low grade fever, coughing, loosing appetite through out the month of January due to mild cold and molar teeth cutting in combination. Finally two giant teeths come out. It was a bumpy month for me.

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