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“lucid lynx”

Posted on: February 11, 2011

Once upon a time, I was your average Windows user with increasing problems in the category of “what the fuck is going on here?? This makes no sense and it’s pissing me off….” Once in a while, the daily annoyance was punctuated by a different kind, the “ack I have some virus/malware now, oh great” variety. Since An takes care of all my computer needs and routinely does backup/upgrade/maintain/provide/support to whatever machines and programs I have at home, at her beckon, I ditched microsoft and jumped onto the Ubuntu train. Ubuntu and I were really happily riding along for almost a year, when, after looking at one of their software updates notices, I saw that they had Ubuntu 10.4.2 lt’s available for upgrade. It was there, starring at me for a looooong time.

This past week, upon encountering some annoying little problems with login to my fax account online using firefox, I thought, hm, maybe it’s because I need to upgrade. Please don’t kick me for being stupid. I blame it on late night websurfing hours that should have gone into productive restful sleep hours. So. I set my computer to “upgrade” last night and went to bed. Woke up this morning, but too busy to check it out. In the evening, right before taking Son to the airport, I took a quick peek in hope of getting some info from the web. What’s this message of FATAL this and FATAL that and start up failure because the screen is stuck at “checking battery…” Oh hell, I’m in a hurry, leave it there and maybe it’ll go away.

3 hours later, came home. No such luck. Took May to bed, powered up the old rickety Dell (also on Linux) and did some google search. OH HELL, WHY DIDN’T I READ UP ON “UPGRADING LINUX” BEFORE I DID IT. Took me a bit of time to comb through tons and tons of crash reports and discussion, didn’t find the exact error message that would match what I had on my machine, but found one that was similar. OK, fine, let’s read through this. Of course I know nada about Linux commands and scripts or whatever, but someone said something that kind of made sense to me, and I was desperate enough to do whatever, so I typed in those commands. Holly molly, it ran lines and lines and lines. Lovely. And then it didn’t give me what the guy said it would. But at least it ran. And now it asked me if I wanted to install a new version. Uh, the first new version crashed, so sure, why not. Holly molly, it ran again. And then… uh oh, it stopped. And it had the cursor blinking at me, waiting for a new command from me… eeks… AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I’m hungry, and I have 1000 other things that need to be done before morning comes, and it’s past midnight already… An was pretty sure I will need a new clean install. I figured if I need a clean install, I can screw this blinking screen that is saying something about “calling for support from python-central.” Powered off. HOLLY SCREW, the magical “Ubuntu” logo came up as the machine powered off. What just happened? Let’s power it on and see… IT’S WORKING, the new Ubuntu came up, kachink!

Still not sure what happened. Oh well. It works for now.

In short, DON’T upgrade.


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haha, too funny dear

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