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Posted on: February 14, 2011

Our Children’s Museum membership includes reciprocal admission at other children’s museum all around the nation, so I took May down to Baltimore yesterday to check out Port Discovery prior to picking Son up. May’s weekend has been jampacked with outings. Saturday was a crazy marathon: woke up, went to Borders to read books, went to Target to exchange/return stuffs, went home to eat lunch, napped in car, went to Port Discovery until they closed at 5pm, went to Ba’c Oanh’s house to eat dinner and hang out (and played with all the toys there), picked up Son from BWI at 9:15, got home at 10:30….

Sunday’s schedule was much more reasonable: woke up, ate breakfast, did #2 very efficiently on poty while I was changing my clothes (good for her! I was counting on her to take care of this so we could be more at ease), drove to Port Discovery again at 1:30pm (she was only able to hang out there on Sat for 1 hr), played extensively until ~4pm, then went to have late lunch at Ryleigh’s Oyster bar (first visit, Son’s very satisfied with their food, I like them too, May ate whatever), packed up to leave at 5, May napped in the car from 5:15-6:45pm, got inside, nursed and cuddled, bathed, then we played with her for a bit, fed her dinner/supper combined (because she had a late lunch, I gave her one lighter meal instead of dinner + milk before bedtime as usual), in bed by 11pm.

Since there’s a valentine party going on tomorrow within our playgroup, we are to bring a snack to contribute. First I thought perhaps heart shaped carrot pieces; but I was feeling so uninspired by the idea that I couldn’t bring myself to get the task started. I browsed through tastespotting.com for inspirations, and saw a really cute kid-friendly Valentime-themed jelly-shot recipe that I knew I had to make. Jelly is up there with May’s other favorite snacks. It’s one of my favorite ingredients too. So, at 1am, I snuck out of the house and zipped to the market to buy gelatin and yogurt. Then I came home and went on a mad search for containers that I could use as gelatin molds. In the end, I got my cups – they are Danonino’s containers. 2 hours later, everything is set downstairs. I think the kids will love it tomorrow.


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