i know what you mean!

1/2 of you

Posted on: February 17, 2011

things that you got from your dad:
– facial features – nose, lips, bone structure
– hair
– you like to be scratched, preferably on the back or scalp.
– you hog the bed and sleep diagonally.
– you love chocolates.
– you hate beans
– un-pickiness
– gentleness with animals and people in general.
– lack of aggression
– great digestive system lol

things that you got from me:
– fingernails
– shape of mouth
– shape of eyes
– extroversion
– lack of patience
– lousy sleep
– cheerful disposition
– easily pacified
– preference for human interaction / preference for adults over children
– eager to please/help
– guts of steel – you really have a great stomach that is worthy of developing countries’ street food.
– talkativeness
– non-attachment to objects (no loveys).
– early tendency to compare/contrast

things you got from both of us:
– interest in food
– unpickiness with food and clothes and play things
– willingness to part with things
– non territorial
– sense of humor
– flexibility with food/environment/situations
– love of stories/books

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