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72 degrees, it said…

Posted on: February 17, 2011

on our way to the most awesome playground in York, I saw some bank flashing the current temperature at 11:30am as 72. When we got to the playground, the parking lot was filled with cars. All kinds of kids and adults were running around enthusiastically. May was so happy to be playing outside, she was stomping her feet and grinning a lot. She still remembers all the structures, and went around checking on everything. Many kids were still in puff coats and snow boots, probably because the parents weren’t convinced that it was actually warm. Grassy areas were muddy due to all the fast melting snow. One kid sat in the parking lot happily playing with bits of snow that was left of the melting pile, and I heard her guardian said in exasperation, “come on, you can play with snow at HOME, we are at the playground now, don’t you want to go in and run around??” Ha ha, kids.

It’s now past midnight and the weather report reads 55 degrees! This kind of weather makes me so nostalgic for the Bay area. It’s Bay area spring weather, with everything turning green and blooming. Here, the daffodils and narcissa are begining to poke through the ground, but other than that, nothing much. When I took out the trash tonight, I didn’t have to put on an extra coat, and being outside in the cool quiet night air felt so “home,” I could almost begin to smell Chinese food whiffing through the air from the restaurants inside 99 Ranch Asian Mall…

It’s going to be just as warm tomorrow, and we are going to the zoo! Tickets are bought. Jan and Feb tickets are discounted at 40% off, under 2 gets in for free.


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