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Posted on: February 23, 2011

Ah. Winter storm warning came yesterday’s afternoon, followed by a forecast of 60 degrees weather by the end of the week. Last night it snowed bright as day deep into the night. This morning we got 1/2 a foot of snow, and everyone were out shovelling. The sun shone brightly all day long and the snow steadily melted by half. The tree on the sidewalk down our street is already sprouting red tipped young leaves.

We were up in Harrisburg and down in Baltimore yesterday enjoying ourselves, in spite of the weather. Duke came by for a playdate at our house on Sunday, and then Monday we initially agreed to meet up for brunch/playdate up north. Turns out that place was too boring for the kids, so I suggested we hit the most exciting thing within 100 mile radius – Port Discovery. The newly opened toddler trail alone could keep these kids entertained for an hour. The first time we were there, May depended on me a lot to show her how to play things. But yesterday was her 3rd visit, so May pretty much entertained herself. I don’t know if it will be the same for Duke. May be not, lol.

These two kids are such polar opposites that I have said we could predict the behavior of either kid by observing the other – whatever May does, Duke won’t, and whatever Duke does, May won’t. Duke is tenacious, passionate, and sensitive. May has short attention span, laid back, and stoic. Duke would not let go of his train no matter what; if I offer May 2 gummy bears, she would promptly toss her pet Pooh figurine to the ground. May eats meat, Duke eats veggies. May takes risks, Duke is reserved. Duke is extremely affectionate to her, May is luke warm to Duke (maybe because she knows I already betrothed her to Kei-chan), Duke has teeth, May, barely, lol… The great thing is, socially they are on the same page – gentle to others, willing to share space and things, open to new experiences and people. That makes it so much easier for them to become friends and enjoy each other’s company.

Anyway, back to Port Discovery. We still have not covered all parts of the museum. I think May and I have only explored about 1/3 of its exhibitions. There’s a mystery house that we have yet entered. Machine works area we didn’t try. Domino something something that we only passed by but didn’t check out; painting and arts area. the giant maze in the middle of the building… They usually serve free ice cream scoops up on the 3rd floor, in the open area…

We got there a bit late, so May and Duke didn’t get to play for long (just a bit over 1 hour). Closing time was filled with May’s protest “I don’t want to leave” and other kids screaming and crying all throughout the building. We heard entreaties “If you leave, we can go and eat at Mc Donald’s” which is right next door. Sure enough, when we got out, the line at McDonald’s was at least 20 yard long, lol. That branch would never go out of business.

Potty training is going along beautifully. We had a minor set back after the day at the zoo. I think May got a bit stressed out about one of the public toilets and she just held it for 4 hours until we got home. But I think everything is fine and dandy now. The good thing is, she’s fine with using the public restrooms (as long as they are not dark and ominous looking). If you are have a newly potty trained child, I would suggest you skip the zoo’s toilets.

Now that there is a pany-wearing toddler on hand, I spent the last 2 sleepless nights to bring you the following valuable toddler underwear reviews:

– Hanna Andersson organic underwear in bikini cuts and traditional cuts (currently on sale 20% off online. Something like $14.50 for 3 pairs, S&H starts at $8): people say these are the most comfy and high quality underwear, they last for a long time and work well as hand-me-downs. I was tempted to try a pack, but May doesn’t have sensitive skin and does very well on the cheapo Fruit of the Loom undies handed down from Chau, so I balked at the shipping fees.

– Gymboree underwear ($12 for 3 regular price or 1-3 bucks each when on sale): these are nice and comfy, they are bikini cuts so they fit May well because the waistline comes up to just where her big belly begins to protrude, hence it’s not tight or uncomfortable for her. These undies would work well with chubby kids, kids with an average size butt, kids with big tummy. Not meant for skinny babes, One thing I don’t like personally is, similar to Gap’s undies, the bottom of Gymboree panties have zigzag seam finish. That means if your kid has really sensitive or delicate skin, the visible thread could potentially irritate her.

– Children’s Place undies (on sale now 25% off, $4.50 for 3): These are great in that the bottom has smooth seam lines. The waist bands are thick and tight, though, and they go up to the belly button. These would work well on skinny toddlers, not the chubby ones or those with big tummies. They are narrower than Gymboree and Gap undies.

– Gap undies (clearance anywhere from 6-9 bucks for 3): The low cut undies are meant for babies with a butt. If your kid doesn’t inherit an average pair of buttocks, don’t buy these. Since the waistline is low, the undies depend on the butt to hold the pants up.

– Fruit of the Loom undies: Damn these are cheaply made. The seams are visible inside, no attempt to make them smooth with zig zag finish or whatever. I put these on May in-side-out, and they are perfectly comfortable.

– Osh Kosh B’gosh undies: they are the cheapest when purchased from Burlington Coat Factory. They look somewhat like Fruit of the Loom in material quality – thin and soft. The seam lines on the bottom are visible, but not the seams.

night weaning is at a stall. She goes back to sleep, yes. She doesn’t nurse, sure. But oh my her big mouth goes off 1-2 times during the night, proclaiming her opinion that she dislikes the boobies sleeping at such hours. For at least 4 nights straight now. Oh well. I’ll just wait and see. I think I could calm her by telling her stories or pick her up, but usually she cries out her opinion and whines, then fall asleep in 2 minutes. I’m don’t know. Maybe I’ll see if I can talk some sense into her tonight.


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