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signs of spring

Posted on: February 24, 2011

I thought we are still in late winter if not mid winter, but birds have been flying madly around here since January. Anytime I look up into the sky, I would see flocks of them either resting or flying north. Huh? Are they being early birds, returning back to the village for the choiciest branches or something? Aviary activities have increased greatly this week. Today was a mad travel day. On my 30 minute drive from York to Lancaster this evening, I saw one string of birds after another. They were just filling up the sky with their long V’s, or, like the seagulls, they don’t even bother to form a line, just tons of them flying endlessly from one bridge to another, along the river.

Having lived in California for most of my life, this is the first time I see this after 3 winters in York. I think the first winter I was so buried in work, I didn’t really look up perhaps. The second winter I didn’t venture outside much for long. Or something like that. I have no clue why I have not noticed all the birds until now.

Whenever I’m out driving at dusk, I feel as if I’m just on the 580N or 80N, back in the Bay Area. The sky looks almost the same, all the trees turn into a grey background, the highway looks almost the same. But mostly it’s the sky. The same color of winter promising to deliver spring soon. I used to come home everyday to that sky from the BART. Whenever I see that sky, it’s Belmont Ave that I remember, the one place where everything came together so orderly and simply.

Thing is, I’ve gotten used to York. I don’t even mind being here for a couple of years. I’ve gotten used to the slower pace of things. The lack of excitement. The driving. The boring restaurants. But I’ve also grown to like my neighbors, the gentle drivers, the courteous people in general, the generosity of strangers, and many other niceties. The first year here in York, despite the drastic changes and the intense homesickness for the Bay Area, I still didn’t feel isolated because Les was in Washington, and we frequently came down to see him the way we would come home to visit family. Last year was hard, after Les left. This year, well, I’ve met the D’s. After 3 years here, Donny and Dana are the first “friends” I feel I have made. I have met other people, great people, but somehow I knew the friendship wasn’t the thing. Acquaintances, yes, amiable ones even, but not friends. But with the D’s, there’s a predictable routine. When they come up here, we plan a meet up. When something exciting happens, we can also meet half way in Baltimore area somewhere. May knows she’s safe with Duke’s family and she’s comfortable around them. These things are what root me to a place.

Oddly enough, I have a very very good friend who lives just 2.5 hours away, near Philly. I still have not managed to visit her. She hasn’t seen me neither. I’m very resolved to see her this spring, at least before we move away this summer. Sighs. The problem is, she and I are so completely NOT in sync with each other’s schedule. Like I had a trip all planned nicely last September, she was looking forward to seeing me, and then, bam, she and her infant son got the ugly flu the day before May and I were supposed to drive up. After that, no more attempts made, but not for the lack of trying. It’s just that, with some people, the timing of everything works. With others, hardly. Such is the case with my friend and I.

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We sure hope you guys would stick around. We’re so glad that Duke and May get along so wonderful. As you can see, Duke got mad love for May ;). I also love it when May just sits on my lap and ask me to read for her.

Yes, timing is a weird thing. One of my good friends from high school lives like 45 minutes from us and her daughter is a week older than Duke, yet we only get to see each other on our kid’s birthday.

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