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secret ingredient

Posted on: March 5, 2011

I finally have a secret ingredient of my own! Except I’m about to reveal it so, uh, will need to think of another one soon.

It’s called condensed milk. Seems like I always have a can around for years. Maybe once a year, I would open that can and then buy a new one to put in its stead. I mostly only used condensed milk to make avocado shake. And I only drank so much of the said shake before I got sick of the whole idea and had to toss the remaining milk away after storing it in the fridge for months and months.

I had yet another can opened in the fridge last month when I was braising some carmelized fish. I decided to try some condensed milk as a sugar replacement to use up the can in the fridge. The milk added some nice thickness to the sauce, as well as creaminess and a very pleasant aroma. Next, chicken ragu. I wanted to make the sauce a bit sweeter, so instead of using sugar, I decided to put in some condensed milk as a way to use up the can. Woa. That was one good pot of creamy chicken ragu. I’ve come to the conclusion that in the case of stews, condensed milk shall be my sweetener of choice. Should I be making some recipe that calls for coconut milk, I will replace it with condensed milk as needed. Pasta sauces that do not have fish or olives in them can also benefit from condensed milk. Long live milk in a can.


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