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“cay cay” juice

Posted on: March 7, 2011

May: Mommy, I want to drink your water, please.
May: I want to drink Nana’s juice please
me: it’s called “wine” May.
dipped my finger into the white wine, let her have a taste.
me: more?
May: more please
another dip
me: more?
May: more please
me: here, have a sip
May: cay cay!! (it’ burns)
me: yeah, that’s why I can’t drink wine neither. Here, have some apple juice
May: more juice from mommy please
me: do you want more wine?
May: apple juice please.

5 minutes later, May held the “daddy” doll in one hand, a small spoon in the other hand.
May: Daddy wakes up.
May: Daddy drinks “cay cay” juice.

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