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left eye stye

Posted on: March 24, 2011

I’ve got a big ass stye growing on the inside of my left eye bottom lid. Not the usual around the rim of the eye lid variety, but inside it. Good news is, cosmetically I don’t look bad. Bad news is, it’s still a damn growing stye. Google tells me that among the several popular causes (unsanitary hands, frequent eye rubbing, sleep deprivation…) the last item seems to fit. The black rings under my eyes can attest. I’ve got to stop partying after midnight just because May sleeps like a log. I was simply too thrilled to have the kid sleeping through the night, you see, so I read into the wee hours of the morning. Bah.

Son’s still here. Seriously, we were good and ready to board him on the airplane at 6am on Wednesday, but we came home late Tues night to the sober news of his uncle teetering onto the other side. So Son got into the car again and went to the hospital to check while I changed his plane ticket. Son came home and whispered to me “Personally, I think he still has some time, he won’t go tonight. Maybe this weekend at the earliest.” So what caused the hospital to alert the family, sending everyone scattering around the whole evening? Apparently, a nurse said he looked like he was ready to go… The business of dying is hard. Sighs.

Spring is here in California. It means buckets and buckets of rain. On the day we visited Chau, all I did was stepping out of the car, and my shoes were immediately soaked.


4 Responses to "left eye stye"

Mới xuân thôi mà mưa nhiều rồi à, bên này thì mùa hè mới mưa chèm bẹp chán chê

On the bright side, we have plans this weekend. 🙂

ba` T, yeah be^n Cali la` ba’n-sa-ma.c ddo’ ba`, ne^n xua^n la` mu+a xo^’i xa?, he` tro+`i trong veo no’ng nhu+ nung.

Cindy, yeah ! 🙂

qua Boston ddi..co`n snow kia`

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