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ching chong asian in the library song

Posted on: March 25, 2011

just a few thoughts jolted down before my brain shuts off…

I have read of people’s reactions to Alexandra Wallace’s youtube video, very briefly, and noted one comment somewhere on the web about people who responded to her racist remarks by attacking her gender. The comment really stuck in my mind, because from my own personal experience, I know that when attacked, I usually would note my attacker’s physical appearance/race/ethnicity/gender (not in any particular order), sort of an automatic response, not voluntary. I think it’s what Freud calls a defense mechanism.

Today I ran across the Jimmy Wong video, which got as far as NPR and was lauded as an appropriate if not clever response to Wallace’s attacks. Here’s what I got out of the “ching chong asian in the library song”:
1. the line about her out of her pounds of make up
2. sexual innuendos, the “I’m gonna make you beg” variety.

Even with humor at play, the song is still doing a physical attack and a gender attack. So she threw the first rock with the racist rants, got hell for it, then he threw back some rocks with gender and physical appearance insults, and he’s on NPR. She wanted to be funny and failed. He wanted to be funny, and apparently has succeeded. Humor is an odd thing, but I don’t think humor is always harmless.

I read the discussion on the Daily Bruins following the news release that Wallace has issued an apology through her spokesperson and withdrawn from UCLA. Many said that it wasn’t the actual complaint about “asians talking on the phone in the library” that got people riled up, but it was her comment about “hordes of Asians…being admitted into our school (university??),” emphasizing on the “our” as meaning excluding Asians. Give me a break. Dude, I was at Cal for years and students and staffs alike went around saying (I’m sure they are still going around saying) “our school” this and “our university” that. It’s how students talk. I’m not saying that Wallace doesn’t believe UCLA belongs to her and whatever people of her choice. She could be saying that, for all I know. But my point is, it’s not just her saying it. STUDENTS say “our school” everywhere. It’s the Bruins pride and the Bears pride and the …whatever pride it is that universities work hard to have students display.


3 Responses to "ching chong asian in the library song"

I actually agreed with the issue she was ranting about, altho not the race aspect. People in libraries should shut up! If you want to make a phone call, go outside! But she insists that it’s just an Asian thing, and that’s what riled everyone up — that along with her “ching chong ling long” imitation. Her dad’s FB (before all this went viral) had a status msg about how she’s asking him for domain names for an idea for a blog, something like asiansinthelibrary.com, where she would post video rants about how asians annoy her. he said (with a touch of pride, it seemed to me) that she was “making videos right now.” the video that went viral was just the first in a series she had planned. I don’t know how she could’ve had such a lapse of judgment to expect that her blog concept would be well-received in SoCal and especially at UCLA (University of Caucasions Lost among Asians, they used to say).
Several offended Asians, critics of hers, brought up that in her apology issued in the Daily Bruin, she apologized to the UCLA community, but that she never apologized to the Asian community. I think that’s kind of lame; is she supposed to think of anyone who might POSSIBLY be offended and list them all? There are Asians in the UCLA community so it’s inclusive. I guess she could’ve said, “I apologize to the UCLA community, alumni, Bruin fans, any Asian Americans and Asians in other countries, as well as people who are friends with Asians and/or is in a relationship with any person of Asian descent, or who sympathizes with those of Asian descent without knowing or being one him/herself.”

Always wanted to know how other racists and white supremacists thought about this issue. glad I found your web site. you are a perfect representative of the groups I mentioned. I am sorry Asians and other immigrants have polluted your country, does it really hurt your feeling that much when you see their parents and their friends coming to your “Cal” to see their son’s/daughters and help them? “she tried to be funny and failed” by attacking another race? is that what you call trying to be funny? come on, at least have some courage. come out and admit you have this particular problem with an specific group of people. why hide it?

Ben, I’m an immigrant. I’m Vietnamese, in fact, and had been a target of racism/discrimination/bullying the moment I set my foot in this country actually. Because of my experience, I’ve made a point to not name calling and label people without getting to know all the facts if I can help it. And even then, I think people all deserve a sympathetic voice on their behalf, even if they are the initial aggressor.

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