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Posted on: April 1, 2011

I think that was the temperature in OC this afternoon. I let May nap in just her panties, and she still woke up sweaty. Fortunately, it was perfect weather for May’s favorite chore around the house – watering the lawn.

The babe is growing by leaps and bounds on this trip, but because I

have been too lazy to record down specific instances, I have forgotten them all. Oops. Oh wait, here’s one: There was one week she was just quick to get frustrated, and was ready to burst into angry tears much sooner than usual. After a few days of me telling her she has x amount of time to quit crying, then I’ll give her a hug, and she can tell me what’s bothering her, one day she started acting up and, at that point, I was too annoyed to give her my full spiel, so I just got up and walked away. Soon, I heard her saying “May ni’n, con ni’n. Me. be^’ con ” (I quit crying, mommy pick me up), and she stopped crying altogether. Then I heard “Me. dda^u ma^’t dzo^`i ?” (Where did mommy go?) in such a funny tone that it cracked me up.

Here’s another
me: May, con sờ coi cục gì ở đít con funny nè (see what’s that funny piece on your butt)
May: cục gì funny đó? Con gấu! (what’s that funny thing? it’s the bear)
me: con gấu ở ngoài đây mà, cục gì trong đó vậy? (the bear is out here, what’s in there?)
May: cục cứt (piece of shit)

it was actually a loose button from her onesie

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That’s one hip outfit!

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