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last night of this CA trip

Posted on: April 6, 2011

we’ll wake up tomorrow and leave, first to OR to meet up with Son for some business, then back to PA soon after. CA is still the same for us – traffic, pollution, awesome food, loving family, great friends… with only one difference… This time around, May and I said good bye to 2 family members without successfully attended the funeral of neither. It’s absolutely insane for my in law’s family to run both ways, one death on one side on top of another death on the other side. May is this little candle of light that runs through all the gloom of this dying business. We used her to cheer up the grieving adults, though we know it’s only a very brief length of time she could stay. It was fortunate that I didn’t make much arrangement to see friends the last several days, when things were spinning downward so fast and so hard. Emotionally I’m pretty stable and fine, or as fine as can be giving the number of people crying around me lately. I don’t really get affected too much by others’ emotions. But deaths and other people’s grief always cause me to reflect quite a bit. I’m resolved to make this the year of the family gatherings. I’ll make it a priority to fly back to CA at any chance I can, whenever I have the resource to do so.


2 Responses to "last night of this CA trip"

I’m so sorry… death is just…so sad. I’m also sorry I missed you when you were here.
Did you hear about Richard passing as well?

Yeah, loy told me as soon as she got the news. I was shocked 😦

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