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old boss

Posted on: April 7, 2011

old boss is contacting me about old job again – my favorite job, too. I was wishing for it half-heartedly just last month, and now, the opportunity presents itself.

We got to Salem today by way of Seattle>>Portland>>Salem. What was supposed to be only a 2 hour flight turned into 6. May was such a trooper. Just when we thought she was about to lose her cool, she threw a fit and then fell asleep in the car at 8pm.

I sort of offered to be the trainer of new office manager for old boss, maybe picking up a few hundred bucks to make up for a big ass gap in the bank thanks to all the plane tickets. And then I think, ugh. Next year I might need to file tax returns with 4 different states using god knows how many W-2’s.

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