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Posted on: April 10, 2011

after days of irregular sleeping hours, haphazard meals, and most importantly, exposures to about 10,000 people with all sorts of germs, May came home to York with a sinus infection. Son diagnosed her today after thorough examination. She’s doing very well temperament wise. Eating is a bit of a drag. I think because her nose is so stuffed, she can’t really taste her food, so she just kinda chewed when she was hungry, and then stopped chewing once she stopped being so hungry. Sleeping is also a challenge, as is always the case when she’s sick. She wakes up much more frequently, and often very upset. But, it also shows me how far she has come. Now she can understand facts and more complex matters, I could offer to hold her to help relieve some of the congestion, and she would fall asleep without asking to nurse. Tonight she said, while being held, “You held me like this in the airplane for me to fall asleep, and I could nurse. Tonight I can’t.” Ha ha.

She’s finally using “because” correctly. The first time she did it was last Sunday, when she whined a bit and ran out to me in the kitchen at grandma’s house, saying “mommy pat my hand for me because I fell down in that bedroom with the big bed we sleep in!” (yes her sentences run that long – she’s my daughter after all). Today (Saturday) she said to Son “I can’t drink any water from this sippy cup because it is out of water.” lol. Her 2 lines of the month are “I’ll listen to mommy” and “I love you.” She doesn’t use them to ingratiate. The first line is used when she thinks she’s doing something wrong hence she is not getting what she asks for. The second line is used when she sees that I am exasperated, so she uses it to reassure me that she means no harm.

After so many hours at the airport lately, I was so sure I didn’t want to do another coast to coast flight so soon. Until today. So here’s an opportunity for all 3 of us to fly out – most expenses paid – to the Bay Area right before May’s birthday, which will allow her to spend her special day among some of her favorite people, who will surely teach her a thing or two about birthday party fun. It was too good to pass up. Son and I are happy that we can do such thing for her this year. Yay.


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