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post CA funk

Posted on: April 14, 2011

the babe caught some nasty virus somewhere between CA and PA. She got eye infection of some sort, runny nose, coughs, fever at night, no appetite, vomited once so far at dinner table, rash on her back. Adding to that, teething – 2 lower canines and 1 upper bicuspid. That leaves both mother and daughter in a foul mood since Sunday. Her ups and downs at night leave me with just snatches of sleep here and there, but it’s her whining that drives me up the wall. I swear to god I do not like noise, and the crying and whining really make my blood pressure rise. May is learning very quickly about this ugly side of me, and the poor babe could be heard throughout the day blubbering “May ni’n May ni’n, May nghe lo+`i me” through her tears just as soon as she began crying (and she really did stop crying when she said “i’ll stop it”). The best I could do to cut down on the snapping is to simply step out of her sight until she collects herself and comes to me for hugs and what not.

I took May into the doc’s office on Monday to have her checked for pink eye. What a waste of $10 and a gallon of expensive gas. All I got out of that trip was the discovery that the AC in the car is not working. Super hot, feverish, tired, cranky May in the back seat was crying off and on throughout the trip. May’s usual ped was not in, so I got the guy I disliked the most. I swear, I already gave him 3 chances. Everytime May was sick, I would bring him in, and he had it wrong. Then again, May’s main ped never got her HFMD diagnosed, it was MK’s mom who got that one right. Gah. I had to remind the stand-in doc to check May’s rash on her back, and he was convinced that she’s got eczema. Seriously, give me a fucking break. May has never had eczema. Her eyes were not red, but he prescribed antibiotic for her anyway. I asked him the reason for antibiotic, and he said it’s to clear the sinus infection. I asked him if sinus infection was viral, he said yeah it started out as viral but now turns into bacterial. He didn’t do any labs. Didn’t even observe May much.

Son checked May out on Sunday and his assessment was that she had a viral sinus infection that was getting into her eyes as well, and said that will have to resolve on its own, no meds needed. He then added a disclaimer by saying I should bring her in to see a ped anyway. Next time I hear that doc’s name again, I’m skipping him.

My next door neighbor, ever since her shoulder was fractured and dislocated by her dog, had let her pets pretty much trash her place. The horrible smell was then masked by lots of Lysol or whatever spray. The entire package seeped through the shared walls and turn my house into a smelly shitty place. It’s not out right stinky stinky. If I open windows, it is barely noticeable after a while. But as soon as I enter the house from outside, I catch it again. >_<

My to do list is overflowing with chores. I know everything begins with one baby step at a time, but I'm in such a funk I can hardly pick my lazy ass up to begin the process of cleaning, organising, and being housewife-y overall. Son is helping me out a great deal whenever he can – taking care of May and watching her, doing dishes, washing all the clothes, etc., etc.. That makes me feel extra guilty for not doing more on my part. Hopefully I can get my acts together as soon as my baby returns to her happy self post-illness.


2 Responses to "post CA funk"

ahhhh poor you and May…

I got one whinny toddler yesterday and instead of getting the baby blues, I got the toddler blues, seriously…

oh man oh man! I can’t handle exhaustion, pain, no sleep AND hearing whines all day long. Hang in there Tran.

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