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current affliction

Posted on: April 19, 2011

its name is “Bubble Bust”
On the iphone, it’s so pretty, and, being that shooter games are my weakness, I have succummed to it at the moment. So my late night hours, usually reserved for blogging and such, have been used up to shoot those damn bubbles. And then in the morning, I’m all bleary eyed and looking forward to an afternoon nap. May is going along very well with my crazy schedule, so she wakes up at noon, goes to nap at 3, wakes up at 6, and is not ready for bed until midnight. Son’s constantly dismayed at her obscene dinner hours and bedtime. But to prove my point, I took her into bed “early” tonight at 11:17, and still she couldn’t settle until midnight.

Speaking of the babe, this one is such a text book baby in terms of cognitive development. She’s turning 2, and enters the whiny monster, the “I can do” independence, and the “no” repetition. For the most part, she’s still a doll, but the shift is definitely there. When she doesn’t want to do something, she turns jelly-legged on me. Luckily, it has not been such a radical shift, and underneath all these new developments, there’s still the quintessential May, the kid who’s easy going, sweet, and um, short attention spanned. Tonight was hilarious. She was protesting something, I can’t remember. But I got her back on track, and she was saying solemnly, “I’ll listen to you mommy, I’ll listen to mommy.” I said “OK, that’s great, I want you to laugh ‘HA HA HA’ ” She immediately shook her head saying, “but I don’t…” And then her brain circuits sent a memo, so she stopped, said, “I’ll do it, i’ll do it” and then, “HA, HA, HA” It was so cute to watch.

May can recall events correctly, but just one or two facts at a time. Today, she recounted to Son what happened after I found her shoving the cat with her leg, “May té tại vì mẹ đạp con, May khóc, xong rồi mẹ ôm con, con đạp mẹ” (I fell because mommy shoved me, I cried, and then mommy hugged me; I shoved mommy). What happened was, she has been harassing the cat lately, and so after giving her plenty of warnings, I finally just walked up to her and shoved her with my foot the exact way she was doing to the cat. Whereas the cat dodged, May was caught by surprise and fell on her butt (the floor was covered with cushy mats). She cried tearlessly; I asked her if she liked being shoved by someone bigger than her, and whether she would do it again to the cat, given that I will do it to her if I see her doing it to him. She said no to both questions, so we hugged and I let her shove me with her leg, told her I don’t mind as long as I give her permission to do it to me.

I finished reading the Battle Hymn of Tiger Mom book yesterday. It was a very quick read, and all in all, I didn’t feel enlightened. The part I liked best in that book was actually an excerpt from an essay one of the daughters wrote about a piece of music she performed. I don’t have any particularly strong reaction to the book. Onto another depressing Holocaust memoir. Which reminds me, when I turned on the radio on Saturday, there was an opera broadcasting live from the MET. It was in German, and I heard the singer sang “BLUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTT” accompanied by terrible sounding music. I thought, hm, german, blood, terrible music, sounds like Wozzeck. It was Wozzeck. Ha! Of many many depressing things I have read/watched/listened to, Wozzeck must have topped it all because inspite of having only saw a 10 minute excerpt of it in my music appreciation class more than a decade ago, everytime I hear any part of it anywhere, I can identify it. The violence and the absolute lack of human compassion, love, charity – any virtues for that matter – in that opera just stuck in my mind ever since I was introduced to that piece.


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I started the “Tiger Mom” book a month ago but still stalling at the chapter she wrote for her younger sister Katrine. I was not enlightened either, because I think she is bragging too much about her family. Maybe the controversy was created to pull attention and $$$ from sales.

yeah babe, I totally agree about the bragging part, it was her way of proving that it’ll all turn out for the best, but still…

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