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still alive

Posted on: May 2, 2011

we’re still alive and kicking. All’s going well. Weather is cooperating. May’s cooperating. Life’s moving forward beautifully. All’s needed is for me to get things in order. Apparently everyone in the blogosphere are packing up to move this summer as well. There’s The Girl Who (she conveniently asked the question that I was asking and got tons of feedbacks, great for me), and Mama Nabi along with Norebang (they are a pair). Who else on my blogroll is moving? Oh yeah… 😉 😉

But before I even begin packing, there are mountains of bills I need to dig myself out of this month. I swear, when it rains, it pours. First the dryer died. We paid 70 bucks for the repair buy to come, take it completely a part, leaving it disassembled, and left. Then the car’s AC died. Then the interview expenses, which will eventually get reimbursed, but for the time being, those expenses are ours to pay off. Then, after June, we need to get our entire family on Cobra until Son starts working. Ouch, that will hurt. Then the quarterly sewer bill is due. Then the annual home insurance bill is due. Then a bunch of fees associated with Son’s licenses etc. etc., each costing a pretty penny. Then… then… I’ve lost count.

Sounds like I’ve been pretty busy doesn’t it? But the past week felt to me like digging myself out from under a mountain of laundry. First, I came back from CA at the end of March to a loving husband who proudly presented me with all of our laundry — washed — dumped unceremoniously on the guest bed. And, for the next 10 days which followed, he continued to keep up with all the laundry washing, which got dumped on the same bed. Then the dryer broke, so I hung laundry everywhere upstairs. When they dried, they ended up on the bed again. Repeat this for 3 more weeks and here we are. Today I finally made progress through 80% of that shit. God help us. Ignoring it didn’t make that mountain diminish one bit, so I finally tackled it. As soon as i have a penny to spare, I’m hiring a Cal student to come and specifically do my laundry. Nevermind cooking and cleaning. Just wash and fold my damn clothes. And maybe scoop the cat’s shit.

Now that I could see the surface of our guest bed again, my next task is to craigslist 1/2 of our stuffs. I already took a bunch of pictures last night, but today, besides the laundry, I have been dragging again. Hopefully tomorrow will turn out to be more productive.


3 Responses to "still alive"

Dọn dẹp 1 hồi thì lo nghỉ ngơi nha. hugs

fold clothes??? After dried, pha^’t a’o ca’i phu.p (especially ao so* mi), then stack them all up (natural ironing), then fold the thick stack in half, voila, done! I quit folding cotton (tshirt materials) clothes long ago already yet lvrm is still filled w/ washed clothes everyday!

I know !! I don’t even bother folding mine, but I need to sort them and put them away, and I hate doing even that.

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