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now that I think about it…

Posted on: May 5, 2011

uh, someone stole May’s umbrella from outside of my house. ARGH. Poor May. My mistake for leaving it out there to dry and then forgot all about it.

Spring weather in York is a curious thing. Some days feel like winter (today), back to back with days that feel like summer (Monday). Occasionally you get a nice spring day with very mild temperature and low humidity, but it’s not reliable. Plants here act accordingly. The magnificent lantern magnolia across the street was gray and brown one day, and then over one humid, hot, muggy night, it turned full pink. After 2 weeks of rain, hot days, cooler days, rainy days, now it’s green with leaves, not a trace of flower left.

Luckily the pink dogwood on our lawn is now looking very nice. The look of Spring in York is very pleasing to the eyes. Every street has some combination of white, yellow, or pink blossoms. Tulips are on their last leg, daffodils are gone. Neighbors are putting their flowers into the soil and buying flower baskets. Our baby blue eyes are growing beautifully, along with whatever other seeds I put into the soil. I’m pulling out most of the morning glory as soon as I see them coming up through the soil. Last autumn pulling their tangled mess out was a nightmare. I’m debating whether to put thai basil into the ground or into a pot. If the ground, I have to till the soil, hee hee. Or maybe I should just ask Bruce to let me grow my vegetables in his already tilled and compost enriched garden plot….


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about What???

“it !!” ca^’m hi’ le^n cu+o+`i nhu+ ngu+.a

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