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the love of a color

Posted on: May 7, 2011

of the things we share in common, I’m very very happy that you love the color green. Not just any green, but the green of budding leaves. The lush green of plants. Just like me.

For almost a year now, I’ve noticed this preference. As you grow more independent and verbal, you confirm your love of this color, once and for all. There was that one time at nha` Me. So`, you came upon a sea of shoes owned by the 2 little princesses of that household. There were pink shoes, glitter shoes, flowers, frills galore, and yet, my little baby sat down, and picked the plainest looking pair of shoes to try on herself. Those were a pair of faded light green canvas shoes. When I replay that scene in my mind, I just feel an indescribable sense of joy. I know it might change later on, but stripped down to your most basic and essential instinct, there is the you who know what she loves, recognises what she loves, and does not get distracted nor sidetracked by glitz and glam.

When you started receiving boxes of crayons whenever we went out to eat, you would ignore all other colors but the green ones. These days you draw almost exclusively with green. When you get bored with seeing monotone, you would hold the green in one hand while trying out other colors. And then it’s back to green again.

Not everyone has a favourite color. Some people, like your dad, simply don’t care. He reacts to colors and appreciates them. But he doesn’t feel particularly strong about any shade. But you and I, and the people who react strongly to a color, know our joy. Life is not complete with out the shade we love. We don’t change color preference and won’t talk about “growing out of” a certain phase associated with a color. We don’t want everything in our world to be of that color, because we see very early on that contrast is what make our beloved color beautiful. I see this in you, May, and it makes me very happy that we are alike in this respect.

When I let you pick clothing articles without letting you see your choices, you would fancy perhaps a dress, or a shirt with the bunny, or the usual pair of shoes, out of habit. But if you actually see what your choices are, you almost always go for whatever that is green.

You don’t insist that I dress you in green. You don’t ask for things that are green. You simply choose green things, if you chance upon them.

I think that’s unconditional love, but I don’t claim to be an authority on this subject.
if anything I do know, you are my green, May. I have chanced upon you, and I love you above all other possibilities.


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