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Posted on: May 9, 2011

– you know, I think the president had it under the can and struck a deal with the Palestinian government; so they handed Bin Laden over to him on a plate right before the election year, and then he’s going to get reelected, and he’s going to pay them back somehow.
– I don’t know what the Palestinians have got to do with this, he was killed in Afghanistan.
– No way! I read that he was struck down in Islamabad, that’s the capital of … Palestine?
– That’s not the capital of Palestine, that’s Afghanistan.
– nooooo… I swear Islamabad is not in Afghanistan, it’s Palestine!
– noooooooooooo… trust me baby, I read the news and it was in Afghanistan.
– Islamabad is NOT in Afghanistan! It’s the capital of Palestine, I swear!
– No, trust me, it’s not…
– hmmmm…
– hmmmm….

There’s a case for the continuing existence of the printed news. I read researches that found(can you still trust me on this ?) reading, when done on printed page, process information differently from reading done in electronic format. Something about our habit to not focus 100% on the information being presented in electronic format, because we are so used to dashing back and forth among windows and programs. Son reads the news from his iphone NYtimes application, and I read my news in between anime episodes loading and ebay bids.

In my own defense, I think had I read it in printed form, I still would have made the same mistake, as it is my habit to often mix things that sound similar with each other. I knew Islamabad is the capital of that one county which was once part of India and starts with a P, but because my neighbor’s daughter just got back from Palestine, I immediately thought of that P country first, although I knew it didn’t sound quite right…. What does it say about our relationship when we go back and forth saying “trust me” and “I swear” while both getting things wrong ? At least we were in good humor and didn’t get into a heated argument that resulted in one of our wallets getting frisked in Paris….

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