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inventory of dramas I’ve watched

Posted on: May 13, 2011

mostly kdramas for now, I have not crossed over to Jdrama and contemporary Twdrama yet.

Full house – baah. The acting was just not my cup of tea. The strings of events hurt my logical head. The main characters make me want to give each one a good whack on their head. Or five.

Kim Sam Soon – baah. Didn’t give a foot about the main female lead. hardly remember much about the series now. I just didn’t care about anyone in that series.

My Girl – swoon. love love love. It was Lai Hiu’s review of this series in 2007 and got me hooked. What she said back then about this seriews, and I paraphrase, is spot on: beautiful people, beautiful clothings, beautiful cinematography, great directing, great acting, great script, lots of fun. I have yet found a loud weeping scene more well executed than the scene at the airport where Yoo-Rin’s dad turned to hold her as Yoo-Rin’s wept. Other series have moments that called for oceans of tears pouring out in one torrential fashion, but the timing and execution are always somewhat off, so that intellectually I see why the crying should take place, but emotionally I just feel a “huh? la-dee-da… is it over yet? I get the idea, just wrap it up…”

Witch Amusement – I like the main female lead, like the acting of the 2 main characters, fun series, but overall, forgettable. I watched this just because I was directed by the same director who did “My Girl.”

Boys over Flowers – gave this another chance just because it’s the latest project of “My Girl”‘s director. Gave up after 15 minutes. I am just fed up to HERE with Hana Yori Dango. I just want to smack everyone in the series and gag.

Secret Garden – swoon worthy. I think I’ve found something as good as “My Girl” in this series. There are holes in the plot, but because it involves the “magic” part, I can just let it slide. The main thing about this series, for me, is that finally supposedly intelligent people are actually doing and saying intelligent things. In many dramas, the backbone of conflicts are often misunderstandings or miscalculations, I tend to get really impatient when supposedly super well educated and intelligent male/female leads act like complete morons again and again throughout the drama under the excuse of being loves truck and could not think rationally. Garden spares me all that frustration and let the characters do sensible things and can put 2+2 together in a reasonable amount of time. The kissing scenes are actually pretty well timed. All the chaste hand-holding and bad kissing in Kdrama get on my nerve in a lot of series (hello Full House – SMACK! ARGH!!!) The acting was great for the most part, with just Ms Korea getting on my nerves. It loses to My Girl in just one category: music. Cinematography, directing, acting, visual appeal, fashion, script are all great. Love the script. Crying scenes are off in this series as well.

I need more sleep. Averaging 1 series every 2 days is not a healthy pace.


7 Responses to "inventory of dramas I’ve watched"

troi, coi le thiet. 1 tha’ng tui moi coi xong 1 bo

Trời, mấy bà này còn luyện phin bộ ta ơi. Tui sao luyện hổng nổi nữa :”>

ha ha, Tran, tui ti’nh ta^’t ca? drama tui coi tu+` 2007 to+’i gio+` muh. La^u la^u tui le^n co+n thi` coi 1 ho+i, sau ddo’ tui nghi? 1-2 na(m mo+’i coi la.i . Tui mostly luye^.n anime

Mrs. Truong, ho^`i xu+a tui coi anime thu+o+`ng tru+.c, muh lu’c tui dde? SM xong tui tu+o+?ng la` ta^’t ca? lu`i va`o di~ va~ng. Cho+` 6 tha’ng nu+~a hong chu+`ng cu~ng co’ ng` tu+?ng nhu+ tui

I will look into secret garden after this long series. Where do you watch them?

Believe it or not, I went through with Boys Over Flower…

In fact, I like My name is Kim Sam Soon. I didn’t like My Girl that much though.

co’ thi’ch coi phim co^? trang kho^ng dzi.? Lu’c tui na(`m nha` cho*` sanh me`o thi` tui luye^.n he^’t 2 phim, Ly’ Sang & Hoa`ng Cung Da^.y So^’ng…hay la(‘m…Phim dda^’u tranh trong cung ddi`nh.

no no… no historical pieces for me… I just want … love… ❤ hahahahahaha. No'i cho+' tui want eye candies, ma` part of eye candies is clothing and hair, old fashion che me. no' he^'t tro+n, lo^.t thi` ra 1 ddo^'ng kha(n ma`n tu`m lum, tui cha'n la('m. Ddang coi "Worlds within" aka "the world that they live in" like it lots ! LIKE. Co' anh ma('t hi' Trang iu ddo', ma` ky` na`y tui ngo' ky~ thi` tha^'y Hyon bin nhi`n gio^'ng anh cho^`ng cu?a tui he^'t 70%, so+. chu+a ? brother in law cho+' hong pha?i my own husband dda^u nha', ddu+`ng lo^.n

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