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Posted on: May 13, 2011

We’re leaving in …July for home. HOME! Down by the bay. Where the watermelons grow!

Last September when Son and I were experiencing a crushing amount of stress, I finally decided that, for my own mental health benefit, I would contact the clairvoyant Rebecca (Cindy’s friend) for an intuitive reading session. I felt so much better afterward, but I didn’t feed Son much information besides the take away message, which was “it’ll be all right, we’ll all be happy in the end.”

Now that things are finally wrapping up, here are the things she had said to me:
1. The place where Son applied for a fellowship position in Detroit would love him and offer him a position.
2. But he’s not going to be there ultimately.
3. Some other place that has P in its name will step in at the last minute and offered Son something else. Something Son has been wanting all along.

At the time, we were so focused on Son’s fellowship that the “P” institution I could think of was Pennstate, another fellowship program Son had applied to. Detroit came to offer Son a fellowship spot, and Son accepted it. Son’s not the type to back out of commitments especially once he has committed to people he has worked with and has gotten to know and like personally. Then by February, we got an ugly blow from Detroit: despite the program director’s efforts to secure funding, in the end the hospital did not approve a stippen for Son’s position. Thus began our 2 months scramble to change plan. Son started sending out resume and contacting recruiters to apply for a job, now that he wasn’t going to enter another training program. One place in Oregon had Son pretty much wooed. Son said he could see himself happy there. That meant a lot, after the crappy hell Son has been through the past 18 months. When Oregon sent him lots of love and offered a contract, Son just wanted to accept it. He had 2 appointments with Kaiser in northern California lined up after the interview with Oregon, but Son’s heart wasn’t in those places. He wanted to just cancel the CA interviews and take up OR’s offer. I asked him to just go through with one interview, the one that is close to Berkeley, just to see what’s it’s like at Kaiser. I know flying to interviews coast to coasts is exhausting and time consuming, but I think when you are presented with opportunities, as long as it doesn’t cost you a limb, you should put in the effort to carefully examine those opportunities before turning them away. Son went and called me right away afterward. He loves Kaiser. After the first Kaiser interview, Son came home with needles in his pants for 2 weeks. He wanted to talk to Rebecca. I figured that it was the best therapy for him anyway, so I reserved a session for him (if anyone wonders, she does 30 minutes of phone reading for $75). She said he’s going to a dryer place than York, so that could not be Oregon. So here we are, approaching mid May, with a contract finally signed and sealed, and packing is in order.

Kaiser Permanente, KP, is under the corporation umbrella of The Permanente Group.

Three years ago, when I set my foot in York, I was so homesick for the Bay Area. Even now, sometimes when the breeze blowing through the hallway, or leaves fluttering in the afternoon sun, or dusk along hilly highways, they all remind me of home, making me think I’m not here, but 2000 miles away. But with each visit, the yearning for our hometown lessened. It wasn’t that I no longer love the Bay Area, I was simply adjusting to my new environment. Yesterday when I was watching some Kdrama, seeing snow falling suddenly made me feel a bit sad knowing that when we go back home, I won’t be throwing all the doors and windows open when it snows to say “look! look! it snows!” anymore. I love seeing snow falling. When we set out for York, my goal was to experience a new geographical region, seeing new things, learn new things about myself. All of these, I have accomplished, and am happy about that. At the same time, the idea of going home is such a huge relief for us. Whoopie !


3 Responses to "start spreading the news"

Congratulations! Glad things workout well for you guys. Let’s Dao and May meet up again before you guys leave.

We’ll be in Lancaster later on tonight. Wanna meet up tomorrow or Sunday? We can meet at Please Touch museum tomorrow in Philly or Port Baltimore on our way home on Sunday.

I am going to spread the rumors that you are moving in with Mạ Tím. 😀

Going to miss you but hopefully if we move to MN, we will be a bit closer to you.


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