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Posted on: May 23, 2011

I’m getting to the burn out point from watching Kdrama. hehe. I’ve covered some more series this past week:

Coffee Prince – love. Great acting, fun script, great direction

My Lovely Kim Sam Soon – enjoyed a lot. Ah, I remember it now that I rewatch it. I also remember why I have antipathy towards that series: I like the male leads, the 2nd female lead, but I can’t stand the Sam Soon character. I mean, I dig her lines and her attitude and her characterization. I dig her dilemma, her heartbreaks, etc etc. But I never got into her. I hate her mouth and her lips. I hate the way she speaks without hardly moving her lips for much of the lines. It greatly offended my eyes. And her voice. I have not met a female lead with a more annoying voice, not even the Frances character from The Nanny US tv series could compare. I got as far as episode 13 and then I just quit, despite the compelling story line. I just got tired of watching Sam Soon’s mouth.

You are Beautiful. HORRIBLE. I swear I would not touch this series with a 10 foot pole, but because it got such high rating, and I do like the premise, I thought, oh well, let’s be open minded and give things a 2nd chance. After all, the Hong sisters made “My Girl,” which I liked so much, why not this one. No no no no no no no no. Apparently the Hong sisters are in it for overacting, which worked in “My Girl” for me, but not in many of their other series. Despite a good looking cast, I can’t stand exaggerated angsty expressions from the male character lead, whatever his name is. I watched it in ffwd mode and then supplemented with recaps from dramabeans, preferring to read the storyline over actually watching it. Ugh.

My Girl Friend is a Gumiho. no go for me. Apparently I’m not a fan of overacting despite my diehard fandom for “My Girl.” The things the 2 leads in this series do with their mouths turn me off (ok, they were just pouting and grinning etc etc, that’s what I mean OK!). The Moody pretty boy in that series is hilarious, because the show was produced at the same time with Secret Garden, and oy, why are these Korean pretty boys sporting identical haircuts? lol lol. it was the same for Kim Sam Soon and My Girl, though, it’s as if all these series contracted out to the same lazy make-up team.

The rest of the hype series I test drove a few episodes, but didn’t feel compelled to pull an all nighter for. Yes, I pull all nighters to rot my brain in front of this laptop screen, and I’m not proud of it.


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