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2 years WBV (@ 25 months)

Posted on: May 27, 2011

weight: 27 lbs (50%)

height: 34″  (55%)

people here keep on saying “she’s on the small side, isn’t she?” And I always just sort of smile and say “Do you think so? Personally I think she’s about right for her age.” Now we have it in the numbers. She is smack in the middle, exactly where I’d like to see her (not that I have a choice, really…)

May’s growing well, eating well, sleeping well, behaving well, a very good kid in general, but that doesn’t mean I have been one saint of a mother. Every afternoon for the last 3 weeks, we would lay down for a nap, and then 1.5 hrs later, I would be screaming “SLEEP NOW!! SLEEP !” and the poor bugger would be in tears saying, “i love you mommy, mommy hold me.” Except when I proceed to hold her, she picks up poking me in the eyes/nose/mouth right where she left off. And I HATE being touched, especially erratically and randomly the way May does it. It just drives me absolutely bonkers. So. I need to give up all my midnight adventures on the web and go to bed early. That way we’ll all be up at 8am, so that I can put may down for a nap at 2pm, and then for bedtime at 10pm. That’s the plan for now. My throat sort of hurts from the yelling I did this afternoon, exacerbated by the gritting teeth to clam down on the volume… I know, it’s totally counterproductive, but I was so frustrated I just wanted to be able to yell as loud as I could, but not broadcasting the full range of my vocal chord, which has been proven to actually have reached the last row of a performance art theater many years ago.


4 Responses to "2 years WBV (@ 25 months)"

We are a bit lucky that PP is a good sleeper. But I think with the daycare schedule it helps with his routine.

We usually put him to bed by 8 pm, and 9 is the latest. I wake him up around 7 or 7:30 am.

Breakfast at daycare is between 8 to 8:30.

Lunch at 11:30 to 12:00

Quiet time is from 12 to 1:45

Snack at 2 pm, and then 4 pm.

May mới có 25 tháng mà lớn sắp bằng bé Chuột nhà này rùi kìa. Trong khi bé Chuột còn 2 tháng nữa là 3 tuổi rùi á …..

May giỏi lém rùi á! Biết đủ thứ hết trơn nè ! Cho dì Quỳ nựng cái nhen! Chụt …chụt ….

Lần nào tui bắt con tui nap thì tui cũng doạ là tắt tv tại vì nó có tho’i quen coi tv xong mới ngủ. Tui kêu lần thứ 3 là tui nói “mẹ đếm tới 3 con không ngủ là tắt”, xong tui đếm “một, hai”, cái nó tiếp tục “ba, bốn, năm, , ….mười” hahah..lần nào tui cũng thấy so funny nhưng không dám cười.

a ha, routine rules. Admit it!

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