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good bye kdrama

Posted on: May 28, 2011

I’m officially over it. I have not watched anything Kdrama related for almost 48 hours, and have not suffered any withdrawal symptom. That means we are outside playing until it’s absolutely dark, once again. Spotted a rabbit, a bunch of ants, and fireflies this evening. We even played outside when it rained. Once the rain stopped, I took her to the playground, wiped the slide dry, and we were good to go.

tangent: This is what I’m hearing right now:
Son: are you done pooping?
May: I want to poop some more.
Son: ok fine.
Son: are you done pooping ?
May: I want to poop some more. I want to poop some more.
Son: Ok ok, then poop, I’m not saying anything.
Son: are you done pooping ?
May: I want to poop some more
… … …
Dude, here’s a clue for you: the last time An did that to Tin when he was a toddler, she found a piece of shit in his pants shortly after she wiped his butt clean.


May’s still at the stage where she says she’s afraid of any random thing. One day she’d be in love with it, the next day she’s afraid of it. Lately she’s been bothered by the ants. Admittedly, some ants in York are freakin’ huge, about 4x the size of your average household black ant, and they come out in the summer more than any other time of the year, so I think May is a bit confused. She must be thinking, wow, now that I look at them more closely, they are so much bigger than I’ve previously thought them to be. When we are out walking, she would be doing OK for a bit, and then her eyes would be planted onto the side walk, and she would stop in her track saying “I don’t like this ant, I don’t like this ant.” She walks in a really large semi circle to avoid it. I found out that if I find the ants doing something interesting, like carrying food or eating some organism, then May would show interest and not be afraid of them at all, no matter how close up she is to them. This evening it was a feast on the remains of an earth worm. May sat there watching the ants swarming around the worm for a good 20 minute. Next up is the fireflly. She’s still not liking it.


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