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another day at Port Discovery

Posted on: May 30, 2011

May playing with magnets on the fridge.
May: Baby duck sits on top of Mommy duck, and then Mommy duck takes baby duck for a trip to Children’s Museum, OK! OK!

As far as favorites go, Port Discovery comes as close as it gets in May’s book. There were days I had to cajole May into going out with me… to the playground! Seriously. Half of the time, when either Son or I ask if May would like to go out with us to somewhere fun, May’s response would come back as “No, no, i want to stay at home please, let’s stay at home.” She doesn’t test boundaries or probe for our reaction, she seriously sincerely wants to stay at home. We shouldn’t be surprised, considering that both Son and I are homebodies. But, there hasn’t been a day where the word “Children’s Museum” is offered and the response came back is negative.

May’s feet is at the stage where it’s in between sizes. It’s pushing past 6.5, but doesn’t quite get to 7 comfortably yet, so size 6.5 is snug, and size 7 is loose. I’ve decided to keep her at size 6.5 for now, after an exhausting hunt for size 7 sandals that came back naught. With shoes it’s so much easier to buy, but with summer sandals, I am much more particular. If I’m willing to spend $$, getting the perfect pair wouldn’t be an issue. But I guess I’m still balking at spending $40 for a pair, hence I’ve wasted so much of my time scouring the web. Let’s hope memorial day sale will be kind to me.


2 Responses to "another day at Port Discovery"

hey! When are you coming back? When you do, let’s go to Lauren’s Closet together. It’s here in Alameda – they have WONDERFUL stuff, 2nd hand. I mean, really nice. We buy whatever we buy there (sometimes at Old Navy too, but the stuff at Lauren’s Closet is way nicer, even used).

haha, I need to send you free stuffs because I’m the queen of hand me downs I’m overflowing with stuffs!!

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