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Posted on: June 2, 2011

Two must be that magical age where one finds friends. Tonight after dinner, we went to sit on the front porch to water some plants and were joined shortly by a little friend across the street. Analicia, about 5ish in age, quickly introduced herself. We were all drawing with chalks on the sidewalk when Karen (8) came back from somewhere and ran right over with 1 piece of chalk she had left. Then Manuel (8ish) and another girl (about 14ish) all convened on our porch, blowing bubbles, drawing, catching bugs, talking. You were happily playing among them – not necessarily with them, but you stopped once in a while to watch what they all did with interest, and continued to pursue whatever you were doing. The kids all took lead from us. If we were catching bubbles, they blew bubbles. If we were drawing on the side walk, they drew until all the chalk pieces were gone. If we chased after fireflies, they followed. It soon got dark around 9, so we sent you up for a bath. The girls lingered a bit, and then each went their own way. It has been more like this lately. How soon it will be when all this must come to an end.


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