i know what you mean!

eventful night

Posted on: June 7, 2011

ddang ngo^`i nghe pha.ch pha.ch pha.ch
me = what the hell
me`o is not here, so it’s not him flipping his ears
windows are closed, so there can’t be birds…
and then, fucking batman came into view
flying madly around the house

I found bat droppings in my basement last week, and was telling my neighbor about my suspicion that there’s Batman hiding out in my basement, coming in through the ventilation system somehow or maybe up from the drain on the basement floor. I think I whacked the hell out of it with the fly squasher, and then tied it up in a plastic bag and dropped in the garbage bin many yards from the house. A fallen bat is a pitiful sight, especially the local small bat variety, body size of a hamster and curled up and playing dead hoping you’ll leave him be. And then if you spend a moment to ponder “is he really dead?” Up the fucker went, round and round the house, driving you mad with a thousand thoughts such as “why can’t you wait another month you sonofabitch!!” Excuse my french. I’m enraged at the thought of being forced into the position of a killer. But there’s my baby sleeping in the house, so die goddamn Batman, die! And now the rest of the night is spent disinfecting the house. GAaaaaaaahhhh!!


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bắt nó, làm thịt nó, ướp muối ớt, bỏ oven, nướng .. yummm

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