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What’s yours will be yours

Posted on: June 8, 2011

I know Cindy had said this before. And Les had also told me about it, but in different words. And I myself have felt it all my life, the notion that what’s yours will be yours. The only problem is in knowing what IS yours. Me, I’m lucky in that I have the knack for knowing what’s mine. It’s just a very reassuring feeling. What’s mine isn’t always ideal. But what’s mine always turns out to be of increased value to me as the years pile on. This seems to hold especially true with housing for me. Like that time I walked into Insoon’s apartment on Francisco street in Berkeley. If you have lived in Berkeley and know that I had lived in the north side right next to the gourmet ghetto, in a large nice apartment with just 1 roommate, and my rent was just $410/month for my own room, you would know what a rarity that place was. Yet, when i was just a rookie fresh up from So. Cal, wandering around Berkeley with a map in my hand, showing up at Insoon’s place and just smiled like a kitten, I knew that place was mine.

Subsequent housing adventures got stranger and stranger, until we got to the point where Son and I agreed to lease an apartment in York without having seen a single picture of it. The owners were super suspicious of us, but at the same time, Son’s job (hence social status) was very attractive to them, so they had to politely tread around the issue.

Anyway, this time around is yet another interesting instance. I had been house hunting for a month now, checking Craigslist everyday many times, and noting places of interest. But I didn’t get serious until I saw one posting that came up at 9am on Saturday morning. Though the ads clearly said tenants must be non smoker and have no pets, I just had an inkling and emailed the agent, asking them if they are flexible with this rule if the cat is an old cat, and he has been indoor for years, with happy landlords, offering to pay large chunk of deposit if necessary. He got back to me almost right away, saying that it’s OK, as long as we are willing to pay a $250 deposit to have the place flea-treated upon leaving. He also told me that he was about to show that place to 7 different parties the next morning, so if I have a friend, get that friend to contact him to see the place on my behalf.

So, late at night, I got a hold of Helen online, and asked a huge favor of her. She was ready to leave for Italy next Sunday, with so much more running around needing to be done, so to pull this kind of favor for me means she loves us oodles and is a saint. If you ever need help obtaining a place, contact me. I’ll show you some tricks. Like showing up at the house of a 30 something Korean woman looking like some lost kitten, all wide eye and innocent, but I digress. Anyway. Helen is one of those gracious women who always make you feel at ease, and further more, she can charm people like nobody’s business. And it’s not even an act. The fact that she has friends all around the world, of all ages, and some don’t even speak English that well, can testify. So, to have this person show up as our representative for the apartment can only mean one thing, right? Right.
She contacted the agent and got the info the next morning. Turns out that between midnight and 10am the next morning, the viewing parties grew by +3. Still, Helen got the game plan on.

– She showed up 10 minutes early to show him how interested we are in this place. Agen was impressed. Score 1 for Helen!
– Because she was there early, she got the chance to sell us to him during those 10 minutes before anyone else could get to him. SCORE 2 for Helen.
– She took a camera and earnestly took some photos to show us, which the agent also noted. Score 3 for Helen!
– Helen is a landlord herself, so she’s very thorough with her inspection and her assessments are always dead on. At the end of the showing, the agent asked her what she thought of it, and would we like it (yay, that means she had peaked his interest about us). Helen told him it was a very lovely place, and she thinks we will make it into a very charming home. Score 4 for Helen.
– She had the cash to pay the agent upfront to pull credit checks so we can get the application process started. Score 5 for Helen!
– She came home and dedicated the entire morning and early afternoon to scanning and emailing all the necessary documents to us, as well as answering all of my questions and guiding me through parts of the documents where the prints didn’t come out so well.
Because of her help, I was able to complete the application and send everything back to the agent that same afternoon.

Helen went through all that trouble for us because
1, she’s May’s Nana and family to us
and, 2, she knows me and she knows that when I’m serious about something, I have my reasons.

My reasons being, when I saw that place posted, I just had the feeling that it was mine. I went around saying, that’s it, that’s where all of us, along with Thien, will be. I didn’t have a very clear idea of what it looks like, even now. I have yet to see one of its 2.5 bathrooms. It’s not bright and sunny with many windows as i would’ve liked, but still, it’s mine. So I pulled the best string I could. I mean, if we have a gem as great as Helen, who went through all that trouble for us, the reflection would be that we are worthy individuals to have commanded such love and devotion, right? 🙂

So it was with great relief but not much surprise when I got the “congratulations” email tonight. Thing is, we are pretty awesome ourselves, because they kept on commenting on how great our credits are. Does that mean we can get 500K for a home morgage now ? 🙂

Albany Hills, CA
We’ll be up where all the tall eucalyptus trees are.
3 bedrooms 2.5 baths, 1 car garage
$1980 in rent, water and trash paid
3 adults, 1 child
lots of love and fun ahead! Yeah!
Soon to be all mine.


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Congrats! You’re a Craiglist queen 🙂

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