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counting down

Posted on: June 10, 2011

what do I do when the end of June is 20 days away? I watch more Kdrama of course! Must procrastinate at all cost, cutting sleep on top of that too. My night sleep is all messed up, with me nodding off at around 3am, no sooner. With each move, the details gets hairier and hairier. This move is the hairiest one so far, with Son’s employment waaaay out until September, so on top of trying to move, we also have to scurry for medical insurance coverage. COBRA is out of the question; it would cost us 1.5K/month with COBRA. We’re just going to buy some minimum coverage to cover hospitalization in case of emergency.

We decided to go with Kaiser, and to purchase it in the state of California, effective July 1st. Except to do so, we must prove our residency status in the Bay Area. But because we are moving, we don’t have an address established yet – no utility statements, no bills, nada. At one point, the agent suggested that Son’s sister draws up a rental agreement so that we can all sign, just to qualify. It was fortunate that we managed the duplex in Albany just in time. Sighs. I’ve also learned that to buy health insurance for anyone under the the age of 19 in CA, you must do it during open enrollment which runs Jan-Mar, or on the child’s birthday. At any other time, you must go through an agent, and if not due to special circumstances, then there would be a 20% something something surcharge. Moving, understandably, is a special circumstance, so once we can prove May’s California resident status, then it’ll be OK…

I thought the house viewing would be at 11am today, but it turns out to be 3:30. What a bother. It cuts right into the middle of May’s nap. I can only hope to send her to bed at 1:30 and pray that somehow she’ll nod off by 2. Unlikely, but I can only hope.

update: it worked! We went to bed at 2pm, I left a note letting them know that we’ll be napping and asked them to keep it quiet. May slept right through, and the agent did a great job of tip toeing around the house 🙂


2 Responses to "counting down"

I think you guys should qualify for Medicare when you move back to Cali since May is under 18 and Son has no job till Sep. You might want to look into that to avoid paying for any premium.

Son and i talked about it and we don’t want to tap into an already bankrupted system if we can afford it, as long as it’s just for 2 months, I think we should be able to leach off our savings and make it up later… Thanks for letting us know though 🙂

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