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3rd father’s day

Posted on: June 20, 2011

Today is Son’s 3rd father’s day.  The first one passed in a blur of confusion and sleep deprived stress, I didn’t note it down.  The second year I was too busy anticipating ma. Ti’m’s arrival and didn’t note down any significance.  This year I finally got my acts together and rewarded Son with a some more intensive father-daughter bonding experience:  when she got up, he took care of her morning toiletries and fed her breakfast downstairs, leaving me in bed.  Then we packed up a picnic cooler and went out in hope of cherry picking, except – wouldn’t you know it – this God fearing part of the world close everything down on Sunday.  So we resorted to plan B, which involved driving May to Rocky Ridge county park and letting her dig in the sand for 1.5 hours.  She was very much willing to dig some more, but it was already almost 3pm, so I wanted to get her into the car for her nap.  She didn’t nap until almost 5pm.  Gaaaaaaaah.

Son drove us around the area per my request.  I wanted to see some places before we move back to CA, so we tried the Hellam Bridge – pretty – and went up to Elizabeth Town hoping May would fall asleep soon – except she needed a bathroom break, and that totally reset her system.  Bummer.  When she finally napped, we parked in front of our house.  Son sat in the car to watch her sleep, while I went inside and made some much needed dinner.  After May woke up, Son bathed her and then had his own dinner while playing with May for a bit.  Just when I was about to get May’s dinner out, the neighborhood kids came knocking and asking May to come outside.  So Son dressed her and they left for the playground.  Got back a bit past 8, I fed May her dinner, then Son played puzzle with her until it was time for her milk and night toiletries.  And then I dropped her off in bed, where Son settled her down for the night.

Awesome.  I love father’s day, can I have father’s day everyday ? ❤


2 Responses to "3rd father’s day"

u?a tu*o*?ng father’s day la` nga`y cho father ddu*O*.c nghi? ngo*i cho*’ 🙂
Nha` tui cha? co’ father, mother’s day gi` ca? Nga`y na`o cu~ng bu` dda^`u lo cho 2 ddu*’a a(n, bu’, ngu?…

no, father’s day la` nga`y father ddu+o+.c la`m ta^’t ca? mo.i ddie^`u to^’t dde.p cho gia ddi`nh. Mother’s day, Xmas, New Year, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday… all the same!

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