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2 more weeks

Posted on: June 22, 2011

revving up for the home stretch, and – what else? – I’m procrastinating big time. My sleep schedule is getting worse and worse. I was up until 6am last night doing totally random unproductive shits. But at least I’m still not as unproductive as when I tried to write my senior thesis on Ezra Pound 10 years ago. That was the worst.

My goal to night is to pack a box. Doesn’t matter what, I just need to produce a box that is sealed and taped, and I’m good for bed. I don’t know what’s going on this with damn house, but I’m finding all sorts of critters buzzing around late at night. What’s the use of window screens when flies keep on getting in? And also bugs, and beetles, and… The fly swasher is working over time around here.

June is the month of the fireflies, and they are out twinkling away in the night. After dinner I took May out for a walk at dusk. The evening was very mild, with breezes, so it was pleasant for such an activity. Now that I have killed one myself, I totally noticed the bats flying about above us. Son said “how do you know it’s a bat and not a bird?” Having spent 30 minutes watching one flying around my house, I can recognize that flight pattern anywhere now. I’m surprised and rather pleased at such beautiful weather we are having around here. It has been hot, but more like 80’s hot, not 100’s hot. I hope I don’t jinx it. 8 days from now, the movers will be here to empty out the house. In case anyone wonders, coast to coast trip with ABF that involves 2 relocubes, loading+unloading labor, 1 month storage = $5.8K give or take a few hundreds. Shipping a car with door to door pick up and drop off is $1.4K. When Kaiser told us we will be reimbursed up to 10K, I was like, holly molly, that’s a lot of money. Apparently it isn’t. Man.

Son is getting visibly happier as the end of his residency is palpable. 2 more days! Me too, dude, me too.


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