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Posted on: June 27, 2011

Vet called back on Friday to say that lab reports came back all clear, nothing abnormal. And then, knowing that my cat is still vomiting and had vomited blood in addition to having diarrhea, the asshole offered no other advise. No questions such as “has he stopped grooming himself? did he miss the litter box? Is he hiding?” (yes to all). No concerns whatsoever. fucking. ass.hole.

Anyways. Because of the striking similarities between Fatty and Crippled’s cases, I went ahead and already started Fatty on the Kaolin+pectin anti-diarrhea solution. I stopped giving him dried food, switched instead to wet food (same brand – Innova), mixed wet food with lots of water and 2ml of that stomach soothe med. I started that on Thursday night. Son reported that over the night on Friday, Fatty still had diarrhea and threw up once, still hid for a bit. Saturday he seemed better. By Sunday morning, he peed a lot (finally! exactly what I wanted him to do), was happy and alert, stopped hiding, stopped puking. His stool was still runny, but Son thinks it’s because he has been eating super diluted wet food. His appetite has returned. His anus stopped looking swollen and red.

Thing about this bout of sudden illness is, within the last year, I have heard of 3 other cases involving older cats vomiting and having diarrhea right before owners move, or go on a trip. It seemed like the cats get stressed out anticipating the changes, so their immune system got knocked out of whack. Next thing you know, cat’s puking and pooping all over your house. Here’s Fatty’s case, so you can compare and contrast, in case you, too, have a cat:

About 2 weeks ago, Fatty started puking up a few hairballs here and there. Then he ate some grass, and puked that up last Monday-ish. He was doing fine for a day or two, then he puked up some more hair, but just bits of hair. Tuesday night he puked up his food, and then had runny, dark colored, smelly stools. Wednesday he didn’t pee much. Wednesday night I fed him a large meal, and he puked up massive amount of undigested food, followed by bile, and also had diarrhea in the litter box, as well as outside the box.
Thursday morning I gave him dried food, but he made the motion to bury it instead of eating. I gave him some meat broth to help him get some fluid, but he only drank a little bit, then threw up that + blood within 20 minutes. He also started to hide. I took him to the unhelpful vet to run some lab works, insisted that they give him fluids, which they did. He perked up a bit after I picked him up from the vet, probably becaues he was rehydrated. He ate some food, rested, slept, drank some water. Was doing fine for a few hours, then he used the litter box, had runny stools still, went outside the box again, and puked up. Thursday night I gave him his first dose of Gamin Tummy Soothe with kaolin and pectin listed as first 2 ingredients. Friday morning he still had all the symptoms, so in the afternoon, I left instructions for Son regarding Fatty, and then drove down to DC with May.

At home Son continued to monitor the cat throughout the day/night. Fed him wet food mixed with lots of water. Cleaned up his litter box as soon as he used it. Gave him lots of attention. Friday he still puked and had runny stools. Didn’t urinate much. Saturday, some improvement, but still had all the symptoms. Sunday, major improvement. I hope. Lemme go check on him again.


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