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Posted on: June 27, 2011

the first weekend we arrived in the east coast 3 years ago, we headed straight down to DC to see Les, who gave us keys to his house and welcomed us to the East Coast. Because of Les, DC metro area has always held a warm place in our hearts, a sort of getaway destination for us, and also a sort of seeing a family member place, until Les moved out of DC. We had not been back to DC since, until this past weekend.

Originally Son, May, and I were all set to visit Donny in VA starting Friday afternoon. However, due to unfolding complications with the cat, Son ended up staying behind to keep an eye on the cat’s condition, while I drove May down south to see DC during our last “whole” weekend in town.

May napped in the car for about 1.5 hours while I drove, and then afterward, she woke up to witness DC traffic at rush hour with good cheer. We arrived around 5:15pm, rested for a bit and watched Duke lovingly calling out to May, while May played it cool. We then had a great seafood buffet dinner at Blue Pearl, hands down the best buffet I’ve been to in ages. I felt sorry for Son as I chowed down, but ultimately it was better you than me, sucker. I know, minus one wifely point for me. After dinner, there was still a bit of light, so we walked the 2 kids out to the neighborhood playground. This playground has all sorts of cool climbing structures, which normally May would have been weary of, but because of dusk, she couldn’t see so well, and therefore was much more daring. Up she went onto one of the climbing bars after commenting, “this structure is similar to the green one [that she climbed last week].” Duke was fast at her heels, to our surprise. Duke is not a climber, he’s much more reluctant to climb than May, who isn’t a monkey to begin with. Up and down they went, and they were both so happy there. Unfortunately, it soon got really really dark, and the adults were getting eaten up by mosquitoes, so it was time to go home. The first night of our visit, Duke went to sleep at 11:30pm, and May, 1 hour later (she slept like a log, nice!).

Saturday’s morning began with Dao’s question “where is May?” which I could hear from where May and I slept. Then after some time, “May’s sleeping” was heard intermittently until May finally woke up, at which time Dao bursted in and said “May!” this went on after every nap and subsequent morning. He’s also very interested in May’s eating activities, heh heh. Saturday was our big day, with the Kien’s coming down from OH, chi. Cap coming to town from FL, all convening in DC for a brief meet up before everyone dispersed once again. I need to stop cracking jokes, because without fail, every time I crack one, it becomes reality. At 10:30am, when chi. Cap and I first touched base with the Kien, i joked that we’ll see them at 1pm. We met them at 1:30pm. By then, the Kien juniors had already spent 4 hours in the Smithsonian museum all morning and were exhausted, while twins had just arrived at the museum after lunch. chi. Cap, Donny, the Kien’s and us stood around outside the museum, took some pictures, hugged, pointed, blah blah, and then, 20 minutes later, the hyped meeting was all over. The Kiens left for another museum, chi. Cap, Donny, May, and I went inside the museum to join Dana and Duke (I think their 2nd kid will have a name that begins with a D, how about you?). At least that was the plan anyway. But once we got inside, each kid went into a different section, so we didn’t see each other until it was time to go home. Chi Cap left us afterward while both kids napped in the car until 5:30pm (we kept the engine running while it was parked in front of Donny’s house).

As soon as the kids woke up, everyone went over to Dana’s sister’s house, where they put out a kiddie pool so the twins could splash around. That was great fun for them until we got the bright idea of bringing out the soap to bathe them in there, ha ha. After it got dark, we moved the party inside the house, and then it was dinner time, Dana’s sister’s treat.

On the way back from Dana’s sister’s place, Dao made “achoo” sounds and totally cracked May up. She laughed until she had the hiccups… for about 3 minutes. And then after that, we heard her “Ha.ha.” diplomatic laughter. That was a sweet moment for me to remember. I think I’m sort of spoiled with the peaceful vibe of coexistence the twins display. I have forgotten until now that I had just come back from a weekend with 2 toddlers smack in the middle of their terrible-two phase. When they were together, I didn’t really have to intervene to settle conflicts or discipline unwanted behaviors. They don’t snatch things from each other. They don’t fight. They don’t hit each other. They don’t compete for anything. They communicate for the most part, or if they are not pleased with something, they go to the adults for help. Occasionally I heard Dao cooed “Maaaaaayyyy… Dear Maaaayyy…” if anything. Isn’t this surreal? Ha ha. Maybe it helped that they were interested in totally different things. Like with Dao’s bowling set, there are 2 bowling balls, pink and green. Dao’s fav is pink. May automatically went for the green one, since it’s her fav color. Things worked out like that.

The kids went to bed an hour earlier than the night before. May slept like a log again.

Sunday. Last day. We woke up at 9am. Took the kids out to the neighborhood playground again. Guess what? In broad day light, May wasn’t so hot about climbing ladders as before. The weather had been very nice the entire weekend, to our delight. We were there for almost an hour, but unfortunately, Duke fell at one point (thanks goodness he was OK) so it was time for us to get going. D&D took us out for ba’nh be`o at Saigon Cafe opposite of Eden Center (yum!). May ate a whole order of cha? Hue^’ by herself, minus one piece. Cha? Hue^’ had whole peppercorns in there, so occasionally May would complain and ask for water, but when asked if she wanted to stop eating the cha?, she refused. We bought a few food items to take back home, and then said our goodbyes at around 2pm, but it was just “see you next week.” The D’s will be up in PA next weekend to rescue us from an empty house with no car to go anywhere, yay.

Why did I spend the whole night writing this blog entry instead of packing is beyond me. But I’m super grateful for the D’s great friendship and hospitality. May and I had a terrific time, felt very comfortable in their home, was treated with so much generosity and allowed so much freedom. Maybe we’ll be back every year around this time. I’ve already decided that we’ll celebrate every July 4th in Boston, so why not a week in DC before Boston, eh?


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