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Posted on: June 30, 2011

With the movers out of the way, it feels soooo much better. This is the first time we use a moving company. It costs a pretty penny for their service, but if not for them, my life would suck so bad. It took 3 strong men 2.5 hours to lug everything from our house and stack them neatly, floor to ceiling, into 2 relo-cubes. Both Son and I were surprised at the relatively small size of these cubes, so just to be on the safe side, I ordered a 3rd cube. turns out, they didn’t even fill the 2nd cube, so the 3rd one was unnecessary. Just for your reference, prior to the men bringing the cubes, just order an extra one if you are not sure. You don’t get charged for it, and if you don’t use it, they just take it back. BUT, if you do it like I did, calling for a 3rd cube after the first 2 were delivered, then there is a $150 delivery fee. Gah. The guy who placed the entire order for me spoke like he knew his shit, and assured me that he would order a tv box for me. But he didn’t. Boo. If you consider using movers, and are new to this service like we are, here are a few pointers:

Tell the movers to use your tapes, if you have them lying around. Your tapes are cheaper than what they charge you for if you leave it to them to use their tapes. Costco tapes are the best deal in town.

Buy drinks for the movers in advance. I knew this, but I forgot. Duh.

Have cash handy to tip them. From what I’ve read, the tip runs anywhere between $15-$45 per person.


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