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when doing the right thing means getting screwed

Posted on: July 4, 2011

Son and I got approved for Kaiser health insurance policy, effective July 1st. May got approved effective 8/1. On the application itself and on the brochure accompanying it, they said the deadline is 6/23 for policies effective 7/1. We submitted May’s on 6/22. On 6/29 we called to check on status, they said it’s received and awaiting processing. On 7/1 they called and said OK, approved for 8/1. I said, what the fuck are you talking about? The woman said, due to CA’s health reform laws, health insurance policies can only get approved on the 1st of every month, deadline for application is the 15th of the previous month. I said what about the info that states we had until 6/23 to receive approval? She said that deadline is for children who have been denied care, since May got approved, she has to wait 1 month.
Son was so angry he stormed off to call the agent who failed to let Son know this piece of important information. It was a friday, so no one was working, apparently.

The anger and frustration, along with the fear that we have failed to provide for our child hit us hard. I don’t know if that was the reason for Son blowing up more frequently in subsequent days, the brooding, the game playing, etc., but it must have been hard on him. After I told him the bad news from Kaiser, Son immediately said, “let’s get her on welfare then.” And that’s what I had been doing since, calling all 3 states CA, PA, MA to see which one can get her covered for July. CA is the most helpful and comprehensive. Alameda county’s Medi-cal can get May enrolled for a temporary 90 days coverage almost immediately, provided that she is physically in CA for a physical exam. PA’s CHIP program takes a minimum of 1 month to approve, but once approved, coverage is backdated to 30 days, so I went ahead and applied. MA takes 30 days to approve and does not backdate coverage.

For now, May is uninsured because she’s physically in MA until the 18th. As soon as we reach CA, I’ll go to Alameda county to show the rental agreement to them, and then have May go through their physical exam to get on MediCal for 90 days. We just have to keep a very close watch over her and hoping that PA will get back to us with good news… sometime in August, just in case something does happen, then there’s at least hope of getting reimbursement for medical expenses.

If I could do this all over again, I would have called up the CHIP offices of CA and PA 2 months before May’s previous medical coverage ends to get my information and jumpstart the application process. With Kaiser, I would have submitted May’s health insurance policy first instead of last (fucking agent told us that she would have gotten it anyway by law – she did get it, but not for July, thank you fucker). I would also have somebody in CA draw up a fake rental agreement to prove residency, or apply with a health insurer during open enrolment of the state, which is Jan-March or on May’s birthday; I would not have waited for the rental agreement to go through. The thing with May’s application hold up is, we had to have a rental agreement to prove that she’s moving to CA because she was applying outside of her enrolment window. we didn’t have the rental agreement until June 14th, And because I was relying on the June 22nd deadline, I didn’t submit May’s application first upon receiving that lease. Instead, I did Son’s 😦

Looking back, there were so many could have, would have. My sister Chi suggested a while back that we try Medi-Cal, because we are qualified given our income and Son’s unemployment status from July to September. But Son and I have always been wanting to “do the right thing” when it comes to public assistance, which is not to get on the tax payer’s dollar grid unless we absolutely have to. We feel that the system is already so overextended as is, and if we were to get on, someone else might not get the help they need because we are taking resources away from them. Now I am reminded that if I want to stick to my ideals, I have to make sure I work my ass off so that I don’t get screwed along the path of righteousness. Can’t be lazy. Tsk tsk.


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same situation w/ therapy, medical, welfare, etc… the system creates perpetual dependency on tax payers. for instance, i was told that once I begin working, all in-home therapy/related services for N will cease b/c they require parents’ participation at all time, services that I find extremely helpful for a family where both parents work. atop all this, social workers tell different tales…

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