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vacation mode

Posted on: July 9, 2011

We’re on vacation mode. What it means is, May’s having a ball with cable TV here in Boston. While eating chocolate filled biscuits. And after she is done with the biscuits, we all go out for ice cream sometime after 10pm. Whatever junk food she has caught us eating, she could have some too. Everyday is a party day for May. “Going out” is the mode of operation at anytime any hour. Bed time is characterized by log-like toddler passed out in one position and doesn’t move for 8-9 hours. And then the crazy kid is up, and more often than not, her bleary-eyed mom fails to convince her that it’s too early to get out of bed. Hell, who wants to sleep in when there’s Mickey Mouse waiting on cable tv outside?

the kid’s now 3 shades darker than her natural skin tone. She walks really fast on the side walk, and doesn’t complain much about the 1-2 miles she must trek daily. She knows her train colors: red, green, orange, blue. Boston is a city of party babies. We see babies out at 11pm night after night. One was out until 1:30 last night. That one wasn’t happy.


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