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24 hours in Boston

Posted on: July 15, 2011

3 a.m. after eating junk food and ice cream while each person was hugging a laptop and lounging on a couch, talking every now and then, I retreated to bed while An resumed working until 6 a.m.
9 a.m. May was up, all happy and chatty. I presented her to Son and told him to close the door so I could resume sleeping.
11:30 a.m. finally out of bed. Made plan for the day with Son while An slept.
12:00 p.m. Son, May, and I left the apt heading for brunch at Au Bon Pain.
1 p.m. Son took May to Cambridge City Hall to run around on the grassy area. I took the T heading for Tran’s house.
Arrived at Tran’s house around 2p.m. Helped out a bit by cooking up a batch of fried rice. Made plan for the kids’ outing the following day.
5:20pm left Tran’s house.
7pm got back to An’s apt after a brief stop at local market to buy some necessities i.e. cat litter, ice cream, lemons… Cleaned up the place a bit.
Son also brought May back from the swimming pool at the same time. Bathed May, then caught up with May’s daytime activities while feeding her some dinner. They had spent the early afternoon in front of the Civic Center, then went home for lunch, watched a bit of TV together, then in bed for nap by 3pm. May napped from 3:30-5, then had a bathroom break, then Son convinced her to go for a swim in the pool downstairs.
May’s dinner was brief, as Son and I quickly made plans for our dinner. Called An up to see if she wanted some pho, but she said considering that she just arrived in her office at 2:30pm, it would look bad if she leaves at 7:30. So we agreed that the rest of us will just go out for dinner, then come to MIT to meet up with her afterward.
7:30pm arrived at Harvard Square. Son was in need of some flat-sole canvas shoes, so we were looking for sales along the way, while picking up some boba teas for all of us.
8:30pm finished a successful dinner. Went back out to pick up a pair of Converse for Son. Then started walking towards MIT to meet up with An.
9:20pm Met up with An at MIT. May wanted to play a bit in front of the “equation thinking man” sculpture, so we all hung out there for about 30 minutes.
10:45pm Arrived back at An’s apartment in Cambridge after taking a round about route home to admire brick buildings, which inevitably ended up with a $30 detour to Whole Foods.
11:45 May fully fed with supper, brushed, washed, dressed, and sent to bed.
midnight. An recruited me to cut her hair. Spent more than 1 hour laughing together in the bathroom as we proceeded to fill it up with hair everywhere. An was directing me to give her a haircut using a razor. And, similar to plucking eyebrows, it’s pretty painful when done by an amateur 2nd person, as oppose to you doing it yourself. So An was super impatient and in pain while I carefully made my way through the mess on her head. I’m happy to report that it was a great success with barely any noticeable imperfection. It was kinda tough given how much we were laughing while performing the task.
2am, I loaded another episode of Kdrama while answering emails and taking care of some chores.
2:15 am, An ate her dinner while I had coffee ice cream. While talking about my little niece’s achievement. conversation to be posted.
3 a.m. braising some tilapila fillet for May’s lunch tomorrow while loading pictures from camera onto hard drive.


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