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destination Bay Area – arrived!

Posted on: July 20, 2011

Okaaaaaay! We are home. Well, Son is. May and I are enjoying his sister’s hospitality near Ma. Ti’m’s house, since our new apt has nada in it tonight. Tomorrow the movers are arriving at 7-9pm to unload our pods. After that, Son will pick us up and we’ll begin the long process of settling in.

I’ve been browsing through the “free” section of Craigslist nightly and bemoaning my poor ass’s fate for not having a truck or a van. This area is full of people constantly moving through, so the stuffs they give away at the last moment before they clear their apt/house are just crazy. Some stuffs are practically new, and I’m talking about furniture, not a roll of toilet paper. Anyway. Everyone must know, because I emailed like 10 listings, and only about 1 responded. Oh well! Just emailed 10 more.

The new apt is awesome! That’s the treat for moving into somewhere not knowing exactly what it looks like in advance. From the few pictures I got, it looked sort of darkish. But going on Helen’s words “it’s lovely” and little An’s comments “it’s a great place, very cool,” I knew we would be pleased. Aaaannd… we are very happy. Turns out, the place is filled with morning light, since most windows face east. It also has 2 large french doors leading to 2 balconies on each floor. The bedrooms are downstairs, (the place is built into the hill, so you can’t see the bedrooms from street level) and are quite large, at least 12-13 x 10. It has closet and shelves galore. Kitchen is small but not tiny, and it has 2 windows on different walls, and is opened into the dinning room as well as the mudroom, so you don’t feel like you are in a tight space. It is fully carpeted in most rooms, but there is a mudroom sort of entrance with concrete floor, so us Asians can now bring our shoes inside the house hee hee. 1 car garage is not attached, bummer. Was going to put the cat in there… And the view – THE VIEW! May loves it. I think Fatty will too. We spent a large chunk of our evening just sitting on the threshold of our french door looking at the BART train snaking against the backdrop of Kensington and Berkeley HIlls. We can see the Campanile from our balcony, also the football stadium. Probably with the right binoculars, we can see Helen and Jim one of these days.

OK, now the bads: not much, just minor details. LIke it’s old, so we know the shelvings are kinda beat up. Stove is electric. Previous tenants didn’t do a good job cleaning the whole place, you can tell by the dust along the glass trimmings and mouldings along the walls (I personally wiped every single one of those suckers in our previous apts, so I know what to look for). Dusty windows, scratched up window screens in some places. Old carpet that was shampooed but NOT properly aired, so now some rooms smell nasty, ugh. All 3 bathrooms have no windows. But the good totally outweighs the bad. Just stepping into a home filled with morning sunlight is something we have greatly missed for more than a year. Our house in York was dark despite its many windows, so Son and I are very glad we have chosen this new home.

A brief note about the kid: she loves her new home. She just made it through 2 weeks of living in a condo filled will 10000000 imaginable fragile knick knacks, many of which are glass or ceramic, plus some loose mirrors lying around, and she didn’t break a single thing. Hurray for cable TV. Hurray for May not discovering its existence until this month. But then again, it’s how she is, because she has lived in Helen’s house for many weeks, and her place is just as full of breakable treasures, but to a lesser degree than An’s place.


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