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craigslist addiction

Posted on: July 26, 2011

I swore up and down to Son in the past that someday, someday when we have money, we’ll be soooo through with cheap craps and will decorate our house tastefully and unique and blah blah blah and blah blah blah. Or someday, when we move to that one house that we love, we’ll turn it into a beauty with my aesthetic sensibilities and blah blah blah blah.

We are in the best house we have ever lived in, and guess what, the first thing I dove into was craigslist “free stuffs” section (same as with all other previous apts). And then proceeded to fill the house with free craps ha ha. OK, I’m more selective about which crap to drag home these days, but I’m still out on the street at midnight picking stuffs up from the curb as soon as I see a “curb alert” posted on craigslist. At the end of the day, I just sit back, admire all the gasoline I have burned to acquire these free craps, and tell myself that they are now “tasteful” craps. And then I tell myself, maybe, that’s how I am. I’m not cut out for expensive fancy tasteful craps. Maybe the clue is in the fact that I prefer scratched up, worn down to a dull smooth rub over shinny glossy surfaces and edges. Or that I like the idea that my stuffs have been well used years before I was born. Maybe I’m just meant to live a life in a home filled with used furniture acquired from a community of people passing through. I’m ok with that. Son seems to be on that route as well, since he balked at the price tag of ~$200 for really nice [used] solid wood dinning set with 6 upholstered chairs PLUS a china hutch. He said that was expensive. HA!

So far we have collected:
1 couch (found it on the curb down the hill from where we live, stopped a guy who lived across the street from the couch and talked him into hauling it in his truck up to our place for us)
1 tv stand (ok this particle board heavy sonofabitch was nice, shinny, and solid, but I couldn’t fit into my chevy, so I disassembled it on the spot, except I forgot what those circular locks for the pegs really meant, so instead of unlocking them first, then remove the peg, I pulled using brute force. So in the end, I ruined it, and now we use the boards line the garage for our storage boxes)
1 book case
3 lamps
some rugs
misc kitchen stuffs
1 dresser
1 storage cabinet
1 covered cat litter box (latest acquisition !)

If we had a bigger car, we would have hauled god knows how much more free craps home. I already had to turn away a nice cedar chest because I was too exhausted to coordinate yet another pick up effort involving kind friends with big vehicle. It is exhausting and exhilarating at the same time.

I’ve also retrieved an old bookcase that I gave to ma. Ti’m 3 years ago, all of my japanese udon bowls, and a big cooking pot.


2 Responses to "craigslist addiction"

me 2, me 2, I type in the word Nikon and check it every 2 hrs 🙂 However, the price for photography gears on craigslist is not really a bargain since the sellers can check the price from eBay 🙂

Oh yeah, I think specialty gears aren’t much of a bargain on CL. I’m trying my luck with “dyson” but oy, greedy people!

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