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july, july

Posted on: August 3, 2011

aaaaand just like that, July went out the door. Our days have been filled with hectic activities and a lot of satisfaction as we saw our home taking shape to our liking. Son and i have lived together for 10 years now, and this is the first time we have a couch in our house. Suddenly, we are really living in the Living room, whereas it used to be an abandoned area before, in favor of the dinning table.

In the morning May and Son have their breakfast there while admiring the view.

Then May hangs out on it while Son unpacks

Later in the afternoon, I come home to this:

At night Son and I read to her on the couch while the cat naps nearby. Then after May is asleep, Son comes back up and watches a DVD while I surf the web. The room has changed quite a bit since the first week, as we got more furniture and other stuffs. Since it’s a relatively large room, with 2-story high ceiling, I ended up diving it into 2 parts, with the couch as the partitioning piece. In front of the couch is May’s play area. To cover up the icky carpeted floor, we bought 8×10′ bamboo rug to create a clean and flat surface for her. In the right corner of the play area is our 24″ TV. To the left corner of the play area is May’s small stuffed chair by the sliding glass doors, looking toward Berkeley hills. I just love the view from her chair. We put our coffee table against the wall near the TV, so that I can rotate May’s dollhouses and other Little People playsets.

Behind the couch are 4 book cases of various sizes against the 2 walls, a tall lantern lamp, and then a rocking chair with footstool in the far left corner with an unobstructed view of San Pablo Ave down below. This is our reading area, with a bamboo rug on the floor to define the area. I have pillows and blankets so May and I can lounge around there to read at night, since the lamp in that area is bright.

That’s pretty much the most busy area of our house right now. The dinning room just has bamboo rugs covering the entire area, big ass toy chest flushed against one far corner, and then a low table with no chair, as we eat sitting on the floor. It has a built in reading nook by the window, as well as a built in bookshelf on the opposite wall, so there isn’t much to add. We try to leave a lot of open space for May to run around, which she does. Sometimes I want to hurry bedtime along, so I tell May to run laps in the living room, rewarding her with vitamin gummy bears once she’s out of breath.

I’m done unpacking the kitchen as well as the bathrooms, but I’m dreading the closet monster. Maybe I’ll tackle all of our clothes when we get back from OC next week. Luckily this house comes with lots of closet space.

August August, let’s be happy again.


2 Responses to "july, july"

Mừng em dọn nhà mới 🙂 ….SM cao lớn hơn trước nhiều nhờ vào công lao dạy dổ của Mẹ Bòn ❤

hee hee, no’ cao dda^u pha?i em da.y, toa`n co^ng em nho^`i nhe’t huh?

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