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dear USPS

Posted on: August 4, 2011

is it the chicken vs. egg thing?  As in,  because you lay off tons of people and downsize to cut costs, hence you become increasingly incompetent, or is it because you were incompetent to begin with, hence your business fail and now you have to lay people off and down size?  Either way, I want my goddamn box of stuffs soon.  Really really soon.  Cuz I paid a pretty penny for it, with tracking and delivery confirmation and all, but what did you do?  First you left a note on Monday saying “come to the post office and pick it up.”  What? Someone got lazy and didn’t want to bring it to our doorstep?  OK, I know it’s heavy, fine, I’ll pick it up.  Except you wasted my fucking gas, time, and caused me to pollute the environment while you sent me on a wild goose chase.  What is it now?  Both Albany facility and Berkeley sorting facility, at upper management level, no one has a fucking clue where the box could be?  You’ve got to be shitting me.  It’s a big honking box full of stuffs, not a needle.  Where’s my stuff now?  The mail man goes, “oh, well, it wasn’t me on that day, cuz I usually just put it by your door anyway, signature or no signature.”   At least I know not to use USPS from now on for confidential important stuffs, if the mailman does his work like that.  So, who’s the guy with my box on August 1st and the mysterious note?  Can we talk?


11 Responses to "dear USPS"

ouch!!! really sorry to hear your rant, but it’s hard to explain how usps works. Gimme the tracking number so that I can see what happenned.

a. Hoang, here it is : 03110240000045340887
and, dude, we were totally home at 7:30pm on that day and no one rang the very functioning doorbell!

Bo`n: 19:33 scan was bogus, the carrier forgot to scan at the time he/she left the notice to you. Berkeley is Carrier Annex, which means no business windows for customer. After carrier took the package back, they had to move to Albany which have bussiness windows for you to pick up. If you want to pick it up, you have to go to Albany. If you want to redelivery, you need to call your post office, talk to supervisor or your carrier. Here

here are their phone number:
Post Office -Branch Albany, CA 94706-1682 (510) 649-3143 (510) 649-6718
Post Office -Carrier Annex (ANX) Berkeley, CA 94710-1204 (510) 649-3146 (510) 649-3131

thanks. But we have been calling and talking to both branches’ supervisors at both location, even their private phoneline and no cigar 😦

thanks so much for your help, now we know the carrier suck ass!

Both of the scanners belonged to Berkeley Carrier Annex. 41 lbs is very big package, hard to say it’s lost in the mail. I hope you will have your package soon. I think this is your carrier’s mistake to confuse you, not entirely usps system.

Anh Hoa`ng.

I know, it was just a rant against a few people, cuz USPS in York was great. Except, I think, there needs to be a more effective system in place to track this sort of thing so that it shouldn’t get to the point where people at both places throw their hands up in the air and tell us they have “no clue” where the box might be. Like maybe there should be a physical count of boxes at the end of the day by someone to make sure packages are where the system says they should be… Sorry it my blanket rant covered you, and thanks for the help.

oh, and actually, this is the 2nd time I experience this sort of missing package from USPS within a 30 day period where the carrier claimed something and we got something else entirely different, argh

do you want me to email your rant to the managers? LOLz 🙂

wait til I get my box first. I don’t want retaliation lol

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