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no need for music

Posted on: August 6, 2011

This afternoon, I was running a quick errant by myself, and as I reached the street I needed to turn into, I realized how comfortable I was with absolutely no music in the car at all.

There was a time when I lived and breathed music.  A time when  I felt edgy if I didn’t get to listen to some.  The intense relationship I used to have with my CD’s.  The familiar touch of the discman in my palm, the earbuds in my ears, and all the corners of the world I have walked with music by my side.  I was in my teen years and early 20’s.  And then, just like many many other hobbies I have had, one day, I was ok with the silence around me.  I lost many of my favorite CD’s on the train going from Belgium to Germany that one summer day 9 years ago.  Radioblog died.  Imeem died.  All of my favorite songs, painstakingly sought and compiled, gone,  3 years back.  I just gave up.  Didn’t bother to find the songs again, in spite of the fact that Son has  an itune account, and I buy itune cards for him quite regularly.

For the last 3 years, I lived in silence more often than in music.  The  long roads, sometimes just my own thoughts are enough for company.  I thought about it today, perhaps more wistful of my youthful fancies more than anything else.


4 Responses to "no need for music"

haha sa(‘p tha`nh trie^’t gia (hay gia huye^`n ta?)gio^’ng chi. ro^`i lol

Vi gia nen doi tanh. Minh con tre cho nen minh iu anh BK

no, tui gia` ddu+’ng dda(‘n, Trang gia` ma^’t ne^’t

giựn giựn nha!

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